Start of Class - ticket Q&A

Fun question: Superpower? Anywhere in time or space? Meet anyone, real, fictional, living or dead?

Introduction. Welcome - who is this guy?
dlatour on IMDBhe
Career path to this very moment in me: the bullet tour.

My website (shoddy-ish)

Show reels (really shoddy!)
VFXGame, and more VFX

Recap: what you already know?
the 12 principles of animation

Another cute cat

Skills check Q&A - what have you animated so far?

Want to refresh/learn somthing about animation?
Distance, Speed and Time

Where I put stuff for learning

Intersperse with films - 20 min? time for a film!
Burning Safari (1:49)
Saga of Biorn (7:06)
The Backwater Gospel (9:32) (are you sure?)
Blik (8:13)

End divide by students remaining time to meet - ticket gets you out the door.
write your name on it.