Need an Extension?


It's normal to feel overwhelmed sometimes. The way to eat an elephant? One bite at a time

       This policy only applies to the classes that I teach

     So you need an extension on an assignment deadline? 

You've come to the right place.
First, let's check that an extension is even possible:

  • Is the deadline at the end of the term?                 NO extension is possible.
  • Is the assignment ungraded?                               NO extension is needed.
  • Are you asking after the assignment is due?       NO extension permitted. 
  • Have I told you that no extension is possible?      I probably meant: NO.
  • Are you not actually in my class?                          Who are you?!
If any of the above applies to you, an extension will not be granted. Please hand in whatever you can by the deadline. On future assignments try to get an early start and get help during office hours.

Sorry and good luck. At least you don't need to read any further.

    Ok - so an extension is possible, but not guaranteed. 

What are the next steps?

  • Email me before the assignment deadline and let me know you are requesting an extension. Be sure to include:
          • Your full name (eg. David Latour)
      • The code of the class that you're in (eg. MMED-1069)
      • The assignment name you need an extension for (eg. the Bouncing Ball )
      • How much time you're asking for (I need until Tues Sept 17th at 11:59p)
             Your email would look something like this:

                Subject: David Latour requesting extension for Bouncing Balls 
                David Latour
                Bouncing Balls (BB)
                Tues Sept 17,11:59p

  • If you don't receive a reply before the deadline, assume you do not have an extension.
  • Hand in whatever progress you have so far by the original due date. Even if you only have planning for your work, submit that. Please make sure it is correctly named and in a suitable format. No ZIP files please. If you have no progress at all: take a picture of your best sad expression and submit that as "progress".
  • In the submission comments field, say that an extension has been requested.
  • If you received an email from me saying "Extension approved" be sure to submit your work by the revised deadline. 

    Helpful Tips:

Be aware, all other assignment deadlines will stay the same. Try to avoid stacking two deadlines on top of each other.

The end of the term is an immovable deadline so plan accordingly

Life happens: requesting an extension costs nothing and no reasonable request is refused.

No explanation is required or expected. Reach out to your Academic adviser in a separate email that you're struggling to meet deadlines: they are standing by ready to help.