Monday, December 6, 2021

Winter 2022


What is the word for 'excited to see you' but also 'get away from me'...Aloha?

There is a lot to prepare and very little time between the terms to do this. Over all of this is the fear of another disruption like the one in 2017. I'm hopeful that everything will work out but my ability to predict the future has proven...inadequate.

Here's a separate page to explain that.

ANI 3d Animation 2 (3052)
Melee Attack (MA)  * or alternate assignment
Short Lip Sync (LS1) *or alternate assignment

ANC Animation 2 (6017)
Weight Lift (WL)   *alternative assignment

ANI 3d Animation 4 (5023)
5023 - Change of Emotion (COE) ~or~ Shot01
5023 - UbiSoft Next (UN) ~or~ Shot02
5023 - Creature Acting (CA) ~or~ Shot03
5023 - Final Animation (FA) ~or~ Shot04

ANI Client Studio (5025)
Checkpoint (HW)

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Fall 2021


by artist Corentin Penloup, trimmed for ratio, a tragically apt summary of current events. You can see the whole image here.

    Welcome back to the Fall of 2021. My work continues to be conducted online for at least one more semester due to the ongoing COVID pandemic that started in 2019. While the plan/hope is that winter '22 will see a return to in-person teaching, budgetary shortfalls and classroom space limitations mean that up to 35% of our course offerings will continue to be delivered online for a long time to come. 

    While I do miss the face to face experience of working with students, the job of online teaching has gotten a bit easier with improved tools (Zoom, Discord), more practice (18 months), and students who are very savvy about learning this way.  I'm thankful for their patience as we continue navigating these challenges.

    As always, here's the summary of assignment links for my classes this term:

ANC Animation Intro (6012)

6012 - Bouncing Balls (BB)
6012 - Pendulum (PM)
6012 - Ball with Tail (BT)
6012 - Leg Ball Jump (LBJ)

ANI 3d Animation 1 (1069)

1069 - Rigid Pendulum (RP)
1069 - Bouncing Balls (BB)
1069 - Seaweed (SW)
1069 - Ball with Tail (BT)
1069 - Leg Ball Jump (LBJ)

ANI 3d Animation 3 (5020)

5020 - Polishing Scene (PS)
5020 - Melee Attack (MA)
5020 - Weight Lift (WL)
5020 - 30s Reel (30S)
5020 - Short Lip Sync (LS1)
5020 - MoCap Cleanup (MC) and Dailies

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Winter 2021


The first two panels of a six panel comic by KC Green (2013). Learn more at the links below.

You can see the entire comic HERE (though you may wish you hadn't). This well circulated image seems to nicely capture a lot of what has been going on. There is a great article here about the artist, who also has created some other well known memes.  

Like a Rorschach Inkblot, the viewer can take different meanings from the comic. Perhaps it is a statement about living in denial? Maybe it is encouraging positivity under impossibly trying circumstances? Could it be about how perception shapes reality? Whatever the meaning, it continues to resonate. 

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Winter 21 term will continue online. I am especially thankful I work in a field that lends itself well to remote learning. The good news is I have more experience teaching and learning in a virtual setting than in mid-March of 2020. 

At least, I think so; though I may be living in denial.

Below are the summary of class assignment links

ANI  - 3d Anim. 2 (3052)
Melee Attack (MA) *assignment dropped
Short Lip Sync (LS1) *assignment dropped

ANC - Anim. 2 (6017)
Weight Lift (WL)   *assignment dropped

ANC  - Project Dev. (6018)