Monday, December 6, 2021

Winter 2022


What is the word for 'excited to see you' but also 'get away from me'...Aloha?

There is a lot to prepare and very little time between the terms to do this. Over all of this is the fear of another disruption like the one in 2017. I'm hopeful that everything will work out but my ability to predict the future has proven...inadequate.

Here's a separate page to explain that.

ANI 3d Animation 2 (3052)
Melee Attack (MA)  * or alternate assignment
Short Lip Sync (LS1) *or alternate assignment

ANC Animation 2 (6017)
Weight Lift (WL)   *alternative assignment

ANI 3d Animation 4 (5023)
5023 - Change of Emotion (COE) ~or~ Shot01
5023 - UbiSoft Next (UN) ~or~ Shot02
5023 - Creature Acting (CA) ~or~ Shot03
5023 - Final Animation (FA) ~or~ Shot04

ANI Client Studio (5025)
Checkpoint (HW)