Thursday, March 19, 2020


I thought the strike of '17 would be the biggest disruption to teaching I would ever experience. I was off by a significant margin. On Friday March 13th, I met with my ANC students and we were sent home. Today it's official that the rest of the program will be delivered online.

I'm an in-person kind of guy, so it's tough to make this shift but safety comes first. The logistics on my end are manageable. It's overcoming obstacles for students with limited access to hardware/software or internet. It's been a whirlwind as everyone is working to get things ready for classes to resume online on Monday the 23rd. I'll update this post and let you know how it goes.

*update one - added first stream on here:

A quick(ish?) demo of removing unknown nodes, posing the ray rig, snapping, IK/FK switching, and constraints for the Weight Lift (WL) exercise. Constraint workflow starts around the 19 min. mark.

 - David

To ensure the health and safety of our students and campus community, and to prevent the risk and spread of COVID-19, Fanshawe campuses will be closed as of 11:59 p.m. March 17, 2020.  Student services and academics are moving to a virtual delivery format. For COVID-19 updates, please the FAQ page on the College website.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Winter 2020

Welcome to the new decade (the roaring 20's?). This term I'll be making group work central to the ANC educational experience. I will update this post later to say whether it's a big dumpster fire or a wondrous treasure chest filled with magical unicorn glitter. (*update: glitter!!) This meme below made me chuckle, so I thought I'd share it here.

Artist unknown but I hope they are learning to trust and love again. 

As usual I'll include the full list of class links below, for archival purposes. This term I'm teaching 2 ANC classes: Animation 2 (6017) and Project Development (6018).  This cadre of ANC students have proven to be very skillful when they actually come to class. I'm excited to see what they are going to achieve for their final projects.

Along with my classes, I will be dedicating a lot of my time to getting the new Animation program ready for this Fall. There's a lot of curriculum to write and classes to plan. It is going to be an intense term.

   - Dave

Here are all the class links for the Winter semester (*links not connected yet.)

  Project Development (6018)
LinkedIn/Profile (LP)
Web Presentation (WP)
The Fight Scene (FS)
Mock Interview (MI)
Final Integrated Assignment (FIA)

  Animation 2 (6017)
Ball Legs Turn (BLT)
Lip Sync (LS)
Melee Attack (MA)
Weight Lift (WL)
Thesis Animation (TA)

(*link to group project videos and teamwork reflective page)

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Fall 2019

I'm fond of cats.

Welcome to the Fall term of 2019.

I'm excited to meet the new cadre of ANC students I'll be working with over the next two semesters.
(We're going to make some cool stuff!).

There's also a new 2 year animation program in the works that I'll be helping design with my colleague Paul W. (Tons of new things for me to learn.)

I can't wait to get started!

My office hours this term are on Thursdays 12-4p
in room 508-1. To make an appointment just email:
Amber Farmer (
Alyssa Jarvis (

The Cintiq is significantly less awesome without a stylus

First question: have you got your Wacom styus? You''ll need it for Pre-Production class tomorrow!

Here are all the class links for the Fall semester

  Pre-Production (6020)
6020 - Week 01 (SB)
6020 - Week 03 (CM)
6020 - Week 07 (MT)
6020 - Week 08 (TC)

  Animation (6012)
6012 - Bouncing Balls (BB)
6012 - Pendulum (PM)
6012 - Live Ball (LB)
6012 - Ball Leg Jump (BLJ)

Let's start with an INTRODUCTION!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Winter 2019

Actually this images inspires me to resolve to make hats for my cats. Images of annoyed cats to follow?

Happy New Year and welcome back. Preparing for the second semester of ANC has been going well and I'm excited to get back to it. This semester I'm teaching:

MMED-6017: Animation for Characters 2
MMED-6018: Project Development Thesis
MMED-3024: Animation MoCap

I'm teaching section 01 of the VGD Anim/MoCap class, with Jeremy Dilks and Eric Wilkins on the other sections. I taught this last winter with Eric teaching the other sections. I'm looking forward to re-teaching this class with Jeremy in the mix to see what he can add to the magic.


*Update - here is the archive of the class specific pages for W19

ANC - Animation 2
6017 - Week 01 (4P)
6017 - Week 02/03 (MA)
6017 - Week 04
6017 - Week 06 (WL)
6017 - Week 09 (LS)
6017 - Week 11 (CP/AF)

ANC - Project Development
6018 - Week 01 (LP/WP)
6018 - Week 05 (TSM)
6018 - Week 06 (CL)
6018 - Week 11 (CR)

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Welcome to Fall 2018

Picture of the surprisingly rare artifact: a Wacom stylus
Hard to believe it's already been a year since starting at Fanshawe. It's been a eventful and educational journey so far (with some very unexpected twists and turns along the way!)

The ongoing Wacom styus shortage is still being addressed. We're using the handful we have to fill the gap. Please make sure you sign them in/out. Watch your class announcement page for updates on stylus availability in the book store. (soon, I hope)

Dave's office hours this term are
Tuesday 12-3p in room 508-1
to make an appointment please email
Alyssa Jarvis or Amanda Moir

My classes this term are:
ANC Pre-pro (6020)
ANC Anim 1 (6012)
VGD Portfolio Dev. (1040_01)

It looks like it's going to be a great semester; see you all in class.


*Update - archive of links for the Fall 2018 semester

6020 - Week 01 (HW1)
6020 - Week 03 (HW2)
6020 - Week 07 (MT)
6020 - Week 08 (TC)


1040 - Week 01/02 (LP/AP)
1040 - Week 03 (WP)
1040 - Week 08
1040 - Week 10

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Summer 2018, Part II: the Re-Summering

Welcome to the second half of the summer term! (Week 08). 

*Update* Hey students: I've shifted the information that was here to the class specific page along the right hand side links. What you're probably looking for is on the page VGD-1025: week 08

Cats have the courage to say what we're all thinking.

It's exciting to be back teaching class and the group I'm teaching show all the signs of being engaged and hardworking. It's every teachers dream! Jeremy Dilks has taken them through the first seven weeks and has laid out the structure for the rest of the class, so I anticipate smooth sailing.

*Update* Conserving space - here is the summer archive of pages
1025 - Week 08 (RJ)
1025 - Week 09
1025 - Week 10
1025 - Week 11 (RP)
1025 - Week 12 (Final)
1025 - Week 13 (CP)

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Winter 2018 Archive

Yeah, it's been a long cold winter.

gotta have my Timmies hot chocolate.

Another term has passed and the first group of ANC students under my care have graduated.
It's been a challenging couple of semesters to say the least (*). The showing of the finest work happens tonight and I'm really impressed by the results. Thank you for your diligence and hard work.
I hope you've all learned as much as I have this term. Here's the archive for future reference:

Proj Dev - week 01 (P1)
Proj Dev - week 01 (P2)
Proj Dev - week 03/4 (P3)
Proj Dev - week 05/6 (TAP)
Proj Dev - week 07 (PCH)

Animation - week 01 (BLT)
Animation - week 02
Animation - week 03
Animation - week 04 (LS)
Animation - week 05
Animation - week 06/7
Animation - week 08 (ST)
Animation - week 10
Animation - week 11/12
Animation - week 13 (FIA)

MoCap - week 01/2 (LS)
MoCap - week 03/4
MoCap - week 05
MoCap - week 06 (MT)
MoCap - week 07 (MP)
MoCap - week 08 (KM)
MoCap - week 10 (FIA)

(*) this sort of thing only happens once-in-a-lifetime, right?