Preproduction (6020) - Week 01

This assignment will be worth 20% of your final grade. Hand-in will be due at the end of class 2

Storyboard (SB) Modules 1 - 2

Using the storyboard template provided above, select a short video clip (approximately 30 sec) from film, television, or an online source. You can use a digital drawing workflow or just print off the template and sketch with pen and ink. Be sure to pick something you can download, edit and pause easily. If your source is over 2 min, trim the clip down. Watch your chosen clip and sketch one panel drawing for each shot you see in the scene until you have nine (9) different camera angles. (they don't have to be sequential) You must select a clip that has at least three different camera angles (wide, medium, close up etc.) Featured principles: Posing (Solid Drawing), Staging, Appeal.

in class example - first pass in progress
What I'll be grading on this assignment:
  1. Are there 3 different camera angles shown?
  2. Do the drawings clearly show the character's position and screen direction?
  3. Is there sufficient drawn detail to show the environment?
  4. Are the different characters clearly identifiable?
  5. Do the drawn panels match the video reference?
Hand in will be as follows:

File will be named <Last>_<First>_SB.jpg
  (eg. Latour_David_SB.jpg)
Original template resolution should be preserved (2969 x 2319)

If you want to use pen/pencil/paper and then scan or photograph your work, that's fine too. However, the final hand-in must be a digital image (jpeg) with the correct resolution.


TODAY: Basic Camera and Film Language and Story boarding

Loaner sheet for Wacom stylus (return at end of class please)

Login or tech issues? Email: (

Warm up sketching exercises in Photoshop (circles, grids and slicing pies)

Some basic camera language (camera shot types, vimeo tutorial)
Some fun GIFs with camera moves by Karen McGuinness at
Shot, Scene and Sequence (word, sentence, paragraph)
Every Frame a Painting (by Taylor Ramos and Tony Zhou)

A bit of Maya Kung-Fu: placing camera, focal length

Some more sketching warm-up in Photoshop: advanced stick person and creature

In Class Demo: 9 shot panel homework (must include closeup, mid shot, wide shot)
Demo using Hot Fuzz from 0:10 to 0:45 (downloaded using
Other downloading workflows HERE

template from (