Thesis Animation (TA)


This assignment will account for 30% of your final grade.
(10% of this is evaluated in a checkpoint during class 12 and 20% is based on your final hand-in)
due at the end of class 14 

Checkpoint (CP) Module 12
This is simply a checkpoint for your progress on your Thesis Animation (TA). The 'work-in-progress' version will be like an extension of your rough layout showing a mix of finished and 'placeholder' assets with some basic lighting established. At a minimum, you should have a proxy version of your rig created and added to your layout. This assignment is a Pass/Fail with only one criteria: did you submit your work in progress?

Hand in will be as follows:
- 960x540 (HD540) resolution
- avi file with MSCRAM compression (or quicktime with H.264)
- no resolution gate, grid or animation controls visible

Items should be named: <Lastname>_<Firstname>_<CP>.avi
(eg. Latour_David_CP.avi )

What I'll be grading on this assignment:

  • Did you submit a work-in-progress version by the end of class 12?

Thesis Animation (TA) Modules 11-14.
This assignment is an assessment of the animation component of the Final Integrated Assignment (FIA). Only the animation is important here - the entirety of your project will be evaluated in your Project Development class. Each student is responsible for at least 8 character seconds of animation. (192 fr.)

Using your creature rig you sculpted in your Modelling - Advanced class, you will create animation based on the rough layout for your FIA you submitted in Project Development. The final output should be rendered based on the techniques learned in Digital Character Project Class (Adv. texture and lighting). Students can use motion capture, key-frame animation or a combination of the two. Final render is not required for this submission. Students working in a group should submit only the animation they completed. If there are multiple artists animating in a shot, indicate in your submission notes which elements you were responsible for (a shot breakdown description). Featured Principles: Exaggeration, Posing, Staging, Appeal

Final hand in will be as follows:
1280x720 (HD) resolution
- mpeg4 or .mov file with H.264 compression (check file size!)
- no resolution gate, grid or animation controls visible

Items should be named: <Lastname>_<Firstname>_<TA>.mp4
(eg. Latour_David_TA.mp4 )

What I'll be grading on this assignment:
  • Have you submitted at least 8 character seconds (192 fr) of animation?
  • Does the movie match your FIA part 1 plan?
  • Have you used your creature from your Modelling - Advanced class?
  • Is the scene composed well, following rules of good staging?
  • Do your poses show clear silhouette, solid balance and strong line of action?
  • Is the animation completed to a high level of polish?
  • If MoCap is used, has it been refined based on principles of animation like exaggeration?
The Final Integrated Assignment (FIA) will be graded in your Project Development class and will add the criteria:
  • Is the project fully textured, lit and rendered?
  • Is the FIA completed to a high level of quality?