Saturday, August 13, 2022

Fall 2022


Cats Organized Neatly: a game based on actual events?

    Welcome new and returning students for ANI and ANC. I've been doing some organizing. For the first time in a long while, I feel like there is some predictability to the coming term and I am able to plan ahead a bit more.

    We will be seeing a normal return to onsite classes though, due to economic and logistical factors, some classes have been moved to online delivery indefinitely. The last two years have forced us to find ways to deliver a great learning experience in an online environment. With excellent tools like Zoom, TeamViewer, Discord, SyncSketch and Miro it's getting better all the time. Be sure you have all of these installed on your home setup.

    I look forward to a smooth fall term, with no disruptions or catastrophes. (he said, hoping it didn't ironically foreshadow some sort of apocalypse later that year.) Good luck and I'll see you in class.

    Here's the assignment links for my classes this term:

ANC Animation Intro (6012)

6012 - Bouncing Balls (BB)
6012 - Pendulum (PM)
6012 - Ball with Tail (BT)
6012 - Leg Ball Jump (LBJ)

ANI 3d Animation 1 (1069)

1069 - Rigid Pendulum (RP)
1069 - Bouncing Balls (BB)
1069 - Seaweed (SW)
1069 - Ball with Tail (BT)
1069 - Leg Ball Jump (LBJ)

ANI 3d Animation 3 (5020)

5020 - Polishing Scene (PS)
5020 - Melee Attack (MA)
5020 - Weight Lift (WL)
5020 - 30s Reel (30S)
5020 - Short Lip Sync (LS1) or UbiSoft NEXT (UN)
5020 - MoCap Cleanup (MC) and Dailies