30 second reel (30S)

Some of you may show up unprepared. That would be...unwise.

Please refer to FOL for assignment weighting and due date.

The 30 Second Reel (30S

    End of program submissions (ANC or ANI level 4):

    Your reel must include 1 sec. title card (described below) with 29 sec of your best art. Show whatever work you wish but curate your reel to emphasize your area of interest/specialization.
i.e. Modeling, Animation, Texture/Lighting etc. 
File format, naming and resolution is described below. For you, this is an ungraded submission and entirely at your discretion.

    ANI level 3:

    This is a short compilation of your best work in the program. Once assembled, you will present it to the faculty committee for review and discussion. Be prepared to talk about the work you've selected to show.

    You can only include content created within your classes. No outside projects or art created prior to starting the program. The goal is to demonstrate your highest level of achievement in your assigned tasks.

    Gathering together your work and editing them into a single video shouldn't take more more than 3 hours of work  Edit wisely: you can trim to show only the best parts of assignments.

You must meet the following requirements, in this exact order:
  • 1 second title card with your name <Firstname>, <Lastname> eg. David Latour.
    Font must be Montserrat. (get the font HERE)
  • 6 seconds of 2d art/animation
  • 7 seconds of Model turnaround(s)
  • 10 seconds of 3d Animation, from at least 2 different assignments
  • Option 1: 
      • 3 seconds of MoCap
      • 3 seconds of Unreal rendered project work
  • Option 2: 6 seconds of UE rendered Mocap
  • no credits, no additional FX, no music, audio only where it is part of the assignment.

Q: Can I use work from group projects and collaborative efforts? 
A: Yes, just be sure to clarify what you did in the clip shown with a subtitle overlay.

Q: Can I use 6 sec of UE rendered mocap to meet both criteria for mocap and UE render?
A: Absolutely, you are a genius! (I've updated assignment description to clarify)

Q: Can I use the same animation for my 3d animation and my rendered work?
A: Cheeky monkey: you can't repeat the same stuff and have it count twice. 

Colin's Bear Animation 2007. Learn more at:
Hand-in file parameters:
  • Movie file type must be .MOV  or .MP4
  • Either H.264 or MPEG4 compression
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution 
  • File size must be less than <250 MB
File must be named as follows:

                  eg. Latour_David_30S.mov

For graded submissions,
What I'll be grading on this assignment:

- Have you met all required parameters? (including resolution, file type, hand-in location etc.)
- 2d art (sketches, concept drawings, planning thumbnails, storyboards, 2d animation)
- 3d modeling (character, environment, topology)
- 3d animation (physics, acting, and believability)
- UE4/MoCap (lighting and rendering)

Being organized makes this task easier.

Part 1 - Gather your work

            Gather all your work together and review it to select what you consider your best accomplishments. Pay attention to your grades as a useful best guide. Make some notes about which parts of the animations you want to include. Get feedback and suggestions from your peers on which bits are worth including.

    If you have 2d art that is in a sketchbook, be sure to convert it into a digital format. Google's photo-scan app works well for this purpose. The 2d images can easily be made into video clips using premiere or some other digital editing software.

    Once you have all of your best videos selected you're ready to get organized.

Part 2 - Assemble the reel with feedback

            Create a 1 second title slate for your project with your name <Firstname> <Lastname>. See how to add titles in Premiere Rush here. You can place this over top of a 2d image or a clip of your animation. Don't spend a lot of additional time creating a custom piece for this purpose. See what you can create in 30 minutes at the most. Name and number your clips to set the order and make the assembling the edit easier.  For example: 


    Clip format isn't important as you will determine the final format when you export the finished reel. Resolution, however, is very important. Try to make sure all your clips are the same resolution. You may need to re-do the play-blast on some of your old animations.

    Now that you've edited together all of the individual clips in the specific order requested. For the animation, think about where your audience will be looking at the end of one clip to help you decide what to choose for the next clip. Try and have a smooth visual flow that is easy to follow. 

    Be sure to get a cycle or two of feedback on this reel to ensure it accurately reflects your level of work in the program so far. This process will be useful in helping you to assemble your job hunting demo reel. 

Part 3 - Present your work to the committee (ANI level 3 only)
    A special Zoom session will be conducted where the entire ANI staff can review your work and share their comments. You will upload your work to FOL beforehand and then the videos will all be transferred to SyncSketch. You'll have 5 minutes to show your reel, share your thoughts and receive feedback from the team, so please keep your presentation brief. There will be a signup page where the presentations will be scheduled. (HERE)

    This is a reflective practice and an opportunity to take stock of all that you have accomplished so far. On your best work: consider the things you did to achieve such favorable results. What are the successful lessons learned so far? Where is the first place you need to improve? Are there any gaps in your reel that need to be filled?

Finally, what is the Point?

The 30 Second Reel (30s) assignment serves several purposes:
  • Reflective practice; a review of all your work in the program so far, considering areas of strength and identifying challenges.
  • Introduce you to the process of assembling material and compiling it for presentation.
  • Present a snapshot of the current skill level of the entire group for production planning. 
You have only a couple of minutes to share any thoughts you have on your reel. Consider:
  • What are you most proud of? 
  • What tasks do you enjoy the most? 
  • Where do you struggle?
  • How does it feel assembling your work?
  • What do you hope to learn next?

Good luck!

 - Dave