Why did the chicken cross the road? To establish a potentially humorous pretense. Comedy!


Please refer to FOL for assignment weighting and due date.

Homework (HW1, HW2, etc.
    In the client studio, you will be expected to show your progress regularly for assessment. These milestones or checkpoints are what your instructor will use to grade your success in the class. Because assigned tasks may vary from artist to artist, establishing a standard for presenting accomplishment can be challenging. Hopefully this description will cover all types of work but if you're uncertain what to submit; ask.

A few helpful principles when presenting your progress.
  • For ease of grading, No Zip Files please - just the work itself.
  • Focus on completed tasks first, then any in-progress work second.
  • Show it: movies work best, images are ok, and use text only if there is no alternative. 
  • Don't break down tasks into granular parts unless you're only doing one part. 
  • Keep it simple: logging your progress should take ~10 min. Grading it should take the same.
  • Always provide a brief document, explaining your submission. (see example)
  • If there are changes, or technical issues that impact your productivity, you can share that in the documentation, but be brief
  • Show work on the group project only. Don't submit assignments from other classes.
    While it is important to be concise, try to account for everything you've accomplished. including assets or animation that doesn't get used in production. Gathering your work for submission and then describing your work in the document should take 10-15 minutes.

    If you have nothing to show, ask yourself: 'what have I been doing for the last 3 weeks?' and then talk to your instructor for guidance.

stick with 16:9 ratio for all movies and images.
Hand-in file parameters:
  • No Zip or Rar files please.
  • For movies: type must be .MOV  or .MP4
  • Either H.264 or MPEG4 compression
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution 
  • Animation controls, resolution gate hidden
  • Frame counter (current frame) visible
  • Movies must be less than <250 MB
  • For images: jpg <50 MB each
  • For text: .docx or .txt
  • File naming convention as follows:
       <Your last name>_<Your first name>_<assignment code>.<file type>

Assignment rubric ~or~ 'What I'll be grading on this assignment':

(Tech /2, Feedback /2)
  • Tech and Documentation: File naming and format, resolution, submission requirements, note-keeping.
  • Feedback Applied: Regularly showing work in progress, following direction and effectively making revisions based on feedback. Teamwork
PRODUCT (Productivity /3, Quality /3)
  • Productivity aka: 'What you get done': Volume of work completed, complexity of tasks accomplished, initiative in seeking work.
  • Quality aka: 'How well you do it': Polish, attention to detail, cycles of revision, initiative, matching the project style, etc.
                                                        Total :   /10

Follow these simple steps for your submission.

Step 1
    Look at your previous checkpoint to determine what have you been working on since then. Gather together your movie files, or images and only show the latest version. Don't re-submit work unless it have been revised/improved from the last checkpoint. If you've made a couple of significantly different versions of a shot, you may want to include them both

Step 2
    Copy and rename movie files and images to match the submission requirements. If there are a few movie files that you want to show together, quickly put them together in Premiere and output as a single file.

Step 3
    Create a document and briefly explain what you have submitted. (see example below)

Latour, David - HW1

  1. Concept sketch for animation scene (image: Latour_David_HW1_001.jpg)
  2. Helped troubleshoot tech issue for teammate on Discord chat (images: Latour_David_HW1_002, 003.jpg)
  3. Camera Layout for shot VP_01_010 – VP_01_060. (movie:
  4. Blocking animation for VP_01_030. (movie:

Once this is done, your submission is ready for grading.

This process be brief and accurately reflect what you've accomplished over this milestone. Remember: busy is not the same thing as productive. A task is finished when when all notes are successfully completed.  If you're worried that you don't have a enough to show, talk to your instructor.

 - Dave