Ball with Legs Turn and Step (BLT)

Remember the Ball with Legs Jump?

This is also the production design sketch for 'Ball With Legs: the Musical.'
1) We'll spend the first part of class revisiting that assignment to cover lessons learned:

  • Jump Arc: Shape
  • Jump Arc: Timing
  • Jump Arc: Spacing
  • Anticipation and Landing
  • Balance and Weight Shift

2) I'll introduce the next assignment, The Ball with Legs Turn and Step (see below)

3) Consider using video reference to plan this animation, and mark the key frames and breakdowns.
I'll show example, with quick draw-over.

5) DEMO: Mechanics of stepping: Shift weight, lift foot, plant foot, shift weight. Repeat.


This assignment will account for 15% of your final grade. Hand-in will be due at the end of class 3

Ball with Legs Turn and Step. (BLT) Modules 1-3.
Have the Ball with Legs rig make a stationary turn 180 degrees. The character must also take 2 full steps forward or back. You can have this happen in any order; turn first then step, turn after the step, turn while stepping, etc.  Pay close attention to balance and weight shift when taking the steps and turning. Be sure to compose your scene so that the character is plainly visible, the action is clearly staged and the physics/mechanics are evident.

NOT REQUIRED: If you want to have some fun with this; try to add a bit of personality and acting to the action. Maybe the Legball is scared, or curious? For an added challenge, see if you can use the previous assignment (BLJ) to make a 2-shot scene together with this one.

ADDITIONAL OPTION : the technically inclined are welcome to try this with MoCap instead. Use the geometry of the Legball character and re-rig it with an auto-rigging tool so that it can receive MoCap. Remember: raw MoCap won't cut it. I expect to see revised work that adds a greater sense of weight and exaggeration to the performance. Sliding feet will be especially unwelcome!

Featured principles: Posing (Solid Drawing), Staging, Appeal. 6 sec. long (144fr)

Hand-in file parameters:
  • Movie file: type must be either .AVI (windows users ) or .MOV (mac users) or .MP4 (both)
  • either MSCRAM, H.264 or MPEG4 compression
  • 960 x 540 resolution
  • no grid or controls visible, no resolution gate
  • File size must be < 250 MB
  • File must be named as follows:
       <Your last name>_<Your first name>_<assignment_code>.<file type>

What I'll be grading on this assignment:
  • Are you properly shifting weight and balance in a convincing way?
  • Do you meet all the required parameters of the assignment?
  • Is there a clear and convincing sense of mass?
  • Are you effectively using the principles of Timing, Ease In/Out, Arcs, Staging and Posing?
  • If using MoCap, have you revised the data so that it works as well as key-frame animation?
a fun example by Fernando Penafiel