Monday, July 17, 2017

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my personal animation blog. In addition to animating for film and games, I also teach animation to students ranging from high school to the university masters degree level.

I use blogger with all of the classes I teach: it's a place where students can access information, connect with fellow students and ask questions outside of the classroom. I've added a few tutorials and educational lesson plans that I've created in the past to show some examples of my work in this space. You can peruse this material by clicking on the linked headings below:

These 'AE' links(Outline, Clown and AnimJam) are from my high school 'Art Experience' summer camp, these '3dFOA' links (Live Ball and Pendulum) are exercises from my Fundamentals of Animation class and this 'RCA' (under construction) is a tutorial in layered animation workflow from my Advanced Realistic Creature Animation class. The 'DEMO' page is material for use in a teaching demo for my Fanshawe job interview.  (8/11/2017)

Feel free to share and link to these pages but no derivative works please. Contact me anytime if you have questions about the content. I will answer as my quickly as my time and schedule allows.

Along the right hand side of this page, you'll see links to my website, a link to my video page on Vimeo and my CV. Check out the 'Animation' tab on my website to see examples of my professional work. On my Vimeo page, you'll find some of my tutorial videos on more technical aspects of animation.

Thanks for coming to visit and have a great day!

  - Dave