Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Winter 2024

Adapting to 'ride the waves of change' sounds great
until you consider that waves come in many sizes.

    Over 30 years ago, I got my first email address. The internet was a rising topic of conversation, and might be less of a fad than I initially thought. I couldn't imagine how extensive and ubiquitous 'the net' would become. Over 20 years ago, I got my first true smart phone. The idea of accessing email from a phone seemed silly and impractical. I never guessed what would later be possible using a handheld device. Building consensus and concern over climate change has been in my peripheral view since the late 80's. While I grew up thinking these impacts would arrive in some vague and far-flung future, the last decade has shown profound results we're experiencing firsthand whether you believe it or not.

    My inability to see the future is evident. Change is arriving more quickly and acutely than I expected.

    I've been reading a lot about the rise of AI for the last few years. The impact on creative tasks and the folks who perform them is already being felt. Creative companies are already finding ways to adopt these new tools and reduce the time and people needed to generate a product. I maintain that it is an inherently unethical technology because of how the tool is created (training AI models by scraping publicly viewable art, using it without informed consent or fair compensation and then concealing the theft.) (see the infamous spreadsheet archived here).

    It raises a difficult to answer question: how do artists adapt to it?

    My lack of precognition provides little insight, but experience suggests: this challenge will only deepen and become more profound. Like climate change: the wider the impact is felt, the more motivated we all become to find a way to manage this change.

    At least, that is my hope.

Here are my classes this term:

ANC Animation 2 (6017)
Weight Lift (WL)   *alternative assignment

ANI 3d Animation 4 (5023)
UbiSoft Next (UN) ~or~ Shot01
Change of Emotion (COE) ~or~ Shot02
Mocap Cleanup (MC) ~or~ Shot03
Final Animation (FA) ~or~ Shot04 *under construction

ANI Client Studio (5025)
Checkpoint (HW)
30 Second Reel (30S) *end of program