Preproduction (6020) - Week 07


Valence and Arousal.
Finish rigging (small skinning adjustments)
Timed Posing Excercise (start with Terrified)
Example output image.


This Assignment will be worth 20% of your final grade and will be due at the end of week 7 (Friday 11:59p)

 Midterm (MT) Week 7 Using the the Adam or soldier rig you created in class with The Setup Machine, create 4 poses playblasted out as jpeg images. Mindful of Valence and Arousal: The poses must be: Ecstatic (high,positive), Terrified (high, negative), Despair (low, negative) and Relaxed (low, positive). Use the posing workflow from class, each finished pose should take no more than 20 miniutes each.  Featured principles: Posing (Solid Drawing), Staging, Appeal.

What I'll be grading on this assignment: 
  1. Does the pose clearly convey the emotion intended? 
  2. Have you placed your camera to stage the character clearly and effectively? 
  3. Are you applying principles of posing balance, line of action, silhouette? 
  4. Are you using the character rigged in class? 
  5. Have you handed in your work named correctly and in the correct format?
Hand in will be as follows:

  • 960x540 resolution image 
  • No controls visible
  • Each image will be named <Last>_<First>_<first letter>.jpg 
  •       (eg. Latour_David_E.jpg for the Ecstatic pose)

No zip files please