Web Presentation (WP) / LinkedIn/Portfolio (LP)

These are some of the easiest marks you will ever get!

Illidan says your online professional presence needs refinement. 

1) For this part: Pair up with the person next to you. We'll be working in a micro team for these two tasks.

2) Website presentations (WP) Assignment description is below. (2.5 min each student ) 2 things you like, 2 things to improve. This is ultimately about helping you shape your own online portfolio (assignment description is below). Partners must review each other's selection and discuss their reasoning.  Make sure the website you pick aligns with your own career goals.

The first point of this assignment is to have you look at the portfolio pages of artists working in a role similar to what you aspire to. What sort of art are they showing? Where have they worked before? How can you start building a portfolio to match your objectives?

The second point of the assignment is to get you experience speaking in front of a group of peers. The presentations will be done in pairs so you're not entirely alone up there. Speaking in front of small groups is a critically important job skill but if you're extremely anxious about this or have an accessibility accommodation regarding public speaking, be sure to tell me about it right away. 

2) LinkedIn/Portfolio (LP) Students will also be handing in a text file with a link to their LinkedIn profile and professional portfolio page (Artstation or other portfolio website). Partners will review each others

We have mock job interviews conducted later in the semester. It's important to start assembling your digital profile now so you can put your best foot forward.


This is worth 10% of your final grade and is presented during class 2.

Website Presentation (WP) 
Working in pairs, students make a 5 minute presentation (2.5 minutes each ) showing a website or online portfolio for an artist that matches the student's own area of specialization of focus. The presentation should highlight aspects of the portfolio that make it worthy of note. Student should also provide 2 suggestions for the website that they think would improve the presentation of the work. Students that do not present or hand-in the link will get a zero.

Students should hand in a plain text file at the start of class with hyperlink text to the website. Text file should be named <Lastname>_<Firstname>_WP.txt (eg. Latour_David_WP.txt)

What I'll be grading on this assignment:  

- Has the student selected an appropriate website that matches their own professional intent?
- Does the student speak clearly?
- Does the student use their time (2.5 min) effectively in presenting the website?
- Does the student demonstrate two (2) distinct examples of why the website is worthy of note?
- Does the student provide two (2) suggestions that could improve the website/portfolio?

This is worth 10% of your final grade and is due at the end of class 3

LinkedIn/Portfolio (LP).
Students create a LinkedIn profile and an online portfolio: like an Artstation page (or alternatively a personal website or blog). For hand-in, provide a plain text file with the web address link to both. If you already have both of these things: great! Be sure to have your partner review them for typos or syntax problems.

File should be named <Lastname>_<Firstname>_LP.txt
  (eg. Latour_David_LP.txt)

What I'll be grading on this assignment:

- Does your LinkedIn profile have a professional looking picture that accurately represents you?
- Have you created an articulate 'Artist Statement' for your LinkedIn profile/Web portfolio?
- Is you LinkedIn profile fully filled out with Work and Education history?
- Does your LinkedIn profile use appropriate language and is free from typos, and profanity?
- Do you link your two pages together with LinkedIn connecting to your portfolio and vice versa?
- Does your portfolio page (or website) have some samples of your work?
Share/Pair criteria for good Professional profile (LinkedIn) Note relevancy, current info, artist description. Profile should highlight best work experience. Consider how 'unrelated' job roles may have very relevant skills and experience. (customer service, teamwork, self-reliance, sole responsibilities, time management, significant pressure, high risk etc.)

- what's your area of interest?
- personal but not too personal (what are you like?)
- educational background (consider extra-curricular experience as well)
- professional network
- no personal pictures (think of job interview)
- where you live?
- keep it professional
- volunteer work
- related skills
- recommendations (relevant to position)
- well written, spelling, language, logic
- smiling picture
- Linking: to portfolio, other social media (professional),
- work history (clear concise, responsibilities vs skills used)

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