The Chase (TC) Part 1

A great example of the finished scene by Diana Rueda (ANC 2021)

Please refer to FOL for grade percentage and due date.

The Chase (TC)
This assignment is split into two (2) parts with both halves being of equal grade value. The final result will be a 30 second short digital film of a chase sequence. This must be an original and unique creation: no re-creations of previously existing film chases please.

Part 1: Please refer to FOL for grade percentage and due date. Using audio no longer than thirty (30) seconds long. Students will storyboard a chase sequence using the simple primitive characters created in class. Use a plan view to map out your cameras and environment for the sequence based on the storyboards. Alternatively, you can created the plan view first, and then make your storyboards from that layout.

Part 2: Please refer to FOL for grade percentage and due date. Following the storyboards and the plan view, create an environment using only simple primitive objects (spheres, cubes, cylinders, cones and planes) and the low-poly characters provided. No textures are required, just basic material shaders on all objects. Once the environment is created, students will animate the two characters and their camera to create a 3d animatic of the chase sequence.

Start by explaining what assets the students will be using, what they will do with them and what the point of the assignment is. Follow with any qualifiers like: what to avoid, where their focus should be, how long this will take them. 

Hand in for Part one will be the audio clip in .wav format, images of the storyboard, and a jpg of the plan view.  30 seconds long (720 frames) Featured principles: Anticipation, Staging, Slow In/Out, Timing, Exaggeration, Appeal

Part 1 Hand in will be as follows:
-  <Lastname>_<Firstname>_TC_boards.jpg (use previously provided template)
-  <Lastname>_<Firstname>_TC_plan.jpg (1920x1080 image)
-  <Lastname>_<Firstname>_TC.wav (format compatible with Maya)

Part 2 Hand in will be as follows:
- 1920x1080 (HD1080) resolution
- .mp4 or .mov with H.264 compression
- no resolution gate, grid or animation controls visible

Items should be named: <Lastname>_<Firstname>

What I'll be grading on this assignment:

- Is there an appropriate audio file matching the required parameters for length?
- Do the storyboards clearly identify the camera cuts and angles to be used?
- Does the plan view show the location and field of view of each camera needed?
- Does the 3d animatic capture the spirit of the audio and the planning?
- Are the characters and cameras moved following the principles of animation?
- Does the 3d animatic follow rules of effective film making? (Axis line, composition, etc)


Don't want to be a teacher? Half your job will be client education!

Recap: camera moves and shot types

Watch: All the Conversation Movies (CM)

Recap: Maya camera Kung-Fu

Discuss: Wide angle lens vs Long/Telephoto

Discuss: Camera psycology

Introduce the next assignment - a 30 sec movie 'the Chase'


In class activity

Find audio (30 sec)
In the first part you are going to find a clip of audio or music no more than thirty (30) seconds long to set your sequence to. (you can trim the length with Audacity). You can record original Foley, SFX or compose some music, however no dialogue is allowed. Please be mindful of fair use of intellectual property for educational purposes. Select or create something that is supportive of the emotional tone of the sequence

Trim audio
Students can do this in Audacity (download here:

Find reference for inspiration:
(Mac and Cheeze, Meet Buck, Oktapodi, Burning Safari)

Thumbnail ideas
30 sec. sequence = how many shots?
Storyboard out

Map environment and camera layout
the Plan view i.e.. (top view.)

Use the characters provided: Pursue (red) and Evade (green)

Create simple polygon proxy environment.

Reference in characters and set. Start animation your shot cam.

for Next class: Revise progress on first pass of Part 1 and introduce Cameras and 3d layout.