3dsMax Facial Rigging


- Catch up with any production folk missed yesterday
- Review work in progress on rigging / animation
- DEMO: Morphers in 3dsMax (aka: What I've figured out so far)

 Sphere (A) 

 Copy of Sphere (B) 
 Copy of Copy of Sphere (C) 
 Transform all spheres into editable poly 

 Name (B) Default. All future copies are made from this shape 

 Name (C) Shape 01 
 Add Morph modifier to (A) 
 Modify (C) moving a vertex 
 Click on (A) Select Morpher 
 RMB on first modifier in list and 'select from scene' and pick (C) 

Fun Fact: If you add target first and then modify the target you'll have to re-load the morpher to see updated result take effect.


 Next time: How to drive the morphers with an outside control (much more complicated)