Animation (6017) - week 06/07


1) Introduction, Classroom observation (10 m)

Please ignore the man behind the curtain and pretend that I'm a great teacher.

I'm not saying we're being watched...but we're being watched.

2) Drop off your work in progress for the Pantomime of the Lip Sync (LS) (30m)

Put your animation preview (.avi) in the FOL drop-off folder: 'LS (Part 2)' for upload to Syncsketch. You should have your keys and breakdowns with first pass timing. Make sure you follow these parameters:

  • MPEG4 compressed movie (bigger than 100MB = not compressed)
  • 960 x 540 resolution
  • File is named <Last>_<First>_LS.avi     eg. Latour_David_LS.avi
Please note that late arrivals will not be reviewed.

3) Group discussion by rows (30 m)

     Review will be here: 6017 - week 06: Pantomime

Go to the above link for Syncsketch and look at the work of the classmates in your row. *important* Remember to un-check 'Sync'. (Option is on the right hand side of the top row menu of Syncsketch.)

Taking 5 minutes for each group member, quietly discuss the following:
  • Do the lip sync visemes match the phonemes with appropriate shapes at the correct time?
  • Are the key poses dynamic? (No perfectly straight vertical or horizontal controls)
  • Do the silhouettes of the poses read clearly? (Would you understand the pose as an outline?)
  • Are there any timing issues? (Is the character moving too slow? too fast? too evenly?)
Each group member will write down the feedback they receive and arrange notes in order of priority.

 - 15 m. Break -

4) Discussion about polishing animation. (20m)

Polish your animation using the following workflow and strategies.

Polish each item in order, using the strategies listed for best results

5) Q&A, work in class. (remaining time)

Consider a more focused question than; 'Can you look at mine?' Quick individual check in. Track time closely. (Number of students / Minutes remaining).

WEEK 07:

Syncsketch feedback is located HERE


Last review of the LS assignment and then work in class. Hand in for the LS assignment will be due Friday March 9 at 11:59pm