Animation (6017) - week 11/12

A few notes (as much for myself as anyone)

1. Go slow

2. Take notes

3. Pay attention to order of operations

4. Save often, increment saves

Recap - create sphere and blendshapes/morph targets
instructions on previous week tab

Connecting shape animation to GUI

Step 1: Make the GUI controller objects
Create Panel > Shapes> Rectangle
Toggle snap > RMB click on snap and check 'Grid Points' on
Create 2 squares, one circle
Name big square 'GUI'
Name smaller square 'Point_Panel'
Name circle 'Point_Control'
Select outer square > click 'Utilities' tab > Reset XForm > Reset Selected
Collapse > Modifier Stack Result > Collapse Selected (check modifier stack result)
(Why? Freeze and discard construction information and object history?)
Do same on smaller square as well
Link small square to larger one
Link circle to smaller square
select circle and Collapse > Modifier Stack Result > Collapse Selected
(Why after linking and not before? Freeze in current state?)
RMB on circle and select 'Freeze Transforms'
Position GUI (outer square) and adjust size
Select GUI > Modify tab> select Editable Spline to open parameters> click Spline and scale it up

Step 2: Set float limits on controller
Select Circle> Motion > Parameters> Assign controllers>Select Position X  (5:33)
Click on 'Assign Controller' and in popup window pick 'Float limit'
Test limits in popup while window is open
Do same for Z Position
For Y Position, set both ranges to 0

Launch Reaction Manager
Animation>Reaction Manager
Click + for add Master and select the 'Point_Control' circle
click through the popup menu to the  attribute...
Click + for add Slave and select the sphere called 'Face'

3:35 of (video)


from Facial Rigging in 3dsMax, Part 29

Reaction Manager 3D max

Introduction to the Reaction Manager