AE - AnimJam

This assignment will account for 40% of your final grade, to be handed in at end of class 12

AnimJam. (AJ) Classes 9 - 12.
Our last animation assignment will be an assigned shot(s) in an animation sequence. Everyone's work will be strung together into an animated short. Playblast from the scene's shot camera. Scene length will vary. Featured animation principals: Overlap and Follow Though, PosingAppeal.

What I'll be grading on this assignment:
  • Does your lip sync visemes align well with the audio phonemes?
  • Are your key poses clear with strong lines of action and solid balance?
  • Do you meet all the required parameters of the assignment?
  • Do you match well with the action of the next shot in the sequence?
  • Do you use breakdowns to create Overlap and Follow Through?
  • Is your characters performance believable and guided by reference?
Starting with a Storyboard and 3d layout, students will be assigned one or more shots in an animated sequence. The staging of the scene camera will be established, but the positions of the characters will be roughed in.

Here is the starting camera layout. Students with add the performance of the characters in the scene.

    Shot Assignments
(click on the name to see their individual shot)
  1. Anthony Vargas
  2. Lucas Usselman
  3.  --
  4. Tia Thomas
  5. Paulina Vega Vazquez
  6. Tyler Luu
  7. Krsna Turoff
  8. Tucker McCulloch
  9. Lin Dudas
  10. Tristan McCulloch
  11. Talea Rendon
  12. --
  13. --
  14. --
  15. --
  16. --
  17. Talea Rendon

Here's what we finished with: