DEVL 1040 - week 05

TODAY - Hand in on What's in the Box assignment

Review of Rubric ~or~ What I'll be grading on this assignment: (10m)

  • Does your character clearly convey what they think and how they feel?
  • Are you continuing to apply principles of good posing, especially balance?
  • Are you effectively using FK/IK for prop interaction?
  • Are you applying all your principles of animation?
  • Is there a clear change of emotion within the scene?
                      any questions?

Recap: Top 3 issues for WITB from Syncsketch review (and how to fix them) (15m)

1) Balance and Weight Shift. (add those breakdowns)

shift that weight!

2) Pinned Feet (add those steps)

this hurts - don't do it!

3) Weak or Neutral Line of Action in Core (contraposto!)

                      any questions?

Group critique: can you spot the top 3? (25m)

In your rows, (3-5 people) review your classmates work as a group, spending no more than 5 mins on each person. In the review try to spot any of the top 3 issues and come up with an action list for the remainder of the class time. Be sure to take careful notes, including frame numbers and come up with a plan to use the time remaining in class to make fixes.

                     ~ break ~

Hand in parameters: (5m)

Animation preview only. (No need for lighting)
Remember staging!
File name: <Last>_<First>_WIB.avi (mpeg4 codec)
    eg. Latour_David_WIB.avi

HD540 Resolution (960x540)

Working time: make your final fixes (remaining class time)

I'll go through and check your action list and see if there are any more pressing issues than the ones you have listed. Use the time remaining to finish your assignment. Hand-in is due at the end of class today.

~ Good Luck!

FOR NEXT CLASS: Animation list for your capstone project.
I want an initial animation list for each student of what they will be delivering for their group project game. This is just an initial list, a starting point.