DEVL 1040 - week 06

Today in class:

  • Fix hand in on WIB - check avi and naming!
  • Team meetings (7 teams)  = 22 min per team
  • As time allows: review of WIB
My Questions/Observations:
Concept? (elevator pitch) Gameplay? Characters? Environment? Pipeline?
 - Colour concept and Time of Day challenge
 - Pose test with rig to get animation feedback early

Common student questions:

Based off of WIB and stuff shown next week.

Any other animation assignments?
Only animation for your games. No other assignments planned.

How do we show the animation?
Webplayer, AVI, Sketchfab - whatever is clearest

For next week:

  • Rough animation for pipeline test BIPED? CAT? How is this animation going get to the final product?
  • Test poses for some of the animations (pick the ones you're most uncertain about) using the base rig (no mesh needed initially)

Games and Teams

Snow Zone - snow-gun firing kid avoiding bullies on the way home.

Samson, Adam
Atfield, Isaac
Ly, Aaron
Butterwick, Mason
Wushke, Jayden
>Purdy, Jordan

Chrono - time stopping hero defeating robot overlords.

McNeill, Sean
Maxwell, Benjamin
Hobbs, Matthew
>Crosby, Eric
Cuevas, Jean Sebastian

Tuck and Roll - older kid in a wheelchair trying to get his little brother home

The Forlorn Escape

Jacob, Brandon
Hylands, Nicholas
Ferretto, Joshua
Wiedrick, Cole
Biemans, Joshua
>Rolet, Emily

The Hallowe'eners - trick or treating kid trying to get candy while avoiding bullies.

McCormick, Ryan
Button, Nicholas
Hughes, Mitchell
Mulholland, Christopher
Grosso, Salvatore
>Rose, Brittany

Bat Bat Boy - lab grown creature escaping to freedom.

Koehler, Jordan
>Wells, Selena
Price, Connor
Embleton-Oliver, Caleb
Weese, Anson
Castillo, Erick

Boom Boom Kachoom - place bombs to stop evil robots and create shortcuts.

Bensette, Courtney
Jolly, Brock
>Petropoulakis, Zack
Melanson, Scott
Chen, Brandon
Miranda, Kyle

The Perilous Climb - a miner at his first day of work climbs his way out of the hazardous pit.

>Lavictoire, Luke
Lovasz, Bence
Gossman, Julie
Harris, Ashleen
Carter, Brock
Rogers, Harley