DEVL 1040 - week 02

Script: Pose2Shelf (Dropbox\Maya\2016.5\prefs)
Adam, in project (Dropbox\Maya\01.Rigs\Humans_and_Heads\Adam)
All controls selection
Put rigs in class pickup (link to download?)
Copy slideshow to desktop
(Dropbox\AAU\02_Online Build\421\Camtasia\M01_07_Valence_Arousal)
Valence_and_Arousal.mp4 to dropoff

1) Valence and Arousal slideshow

2) Students give examples of
 low, neg
high, neg
 low, pos
high, pos

- What do they have in common?
- The commonalities define the shared attribute
- How do they differ?
- The differences define the disparate attribute

Pick 2 distinct emotions with one attribute difference (no face)

3) Hand off rigs - Max, Hulk, Ludo, Masher
(Dropbox\Fanshawe\3dsMax Rigs)
rigsarena- Masher and Hulk - Max and LoMax Ludo
additional rigs

Students start testing and playing

Set up script: Pose2Shelf

Timed posing example in Maya using Adam

Budgeting animation (as time allows)

3 week assignment
What's in the Box?

What I'll be grading on this assignment: