MMED 3020 - Final Assignment

This assignment will account for 65% of your final grade. Part 1 (25%) will be an in-class demonstration of rigging proficiency during class 11. Part 2 (40%) of the assignment will be a set of three animations due at the end of week 13. (Friday Jan 12th, 11:59 pm)

*WARNING: students that upload late and miss the Dropbox will get 0%

   Part 1: Biped Rigging  Modules 9-11.

This first segment of the final will be completed in class during module 11. Students will demonstrate proficiency with biped rigging workflow in class, using the provided mesh (WW1 soldier by Jeremy Dilks). After properly fitting the biped rig to match the soldier mesh, students will then skin and modify the weighting of the skin for proper deformation. A basic range of motion animation will be put on the character to demonstrate the deformation of the rig.

What I'll be grading on Part 1 (the skinning test):
  1. Are the different parts of the biped rig well matched to the proportions of the solider mesh?
  2. Is the skin correctly attached and weighted to the biped mesh?
  3. Do the elbows and knees bend properly with a sharp bend on the outside and tight fold inside?
  4. Does the character deform without significant loss or increase of volume?
  5. Are the pivot points of the biped rig aligned with the correct edge loops of the mesh?
Hand in will be an in-class demonstration in week 11

Using the weight tool dialogue will be necessary to get a good final result.

   Part 2: Biped Animation  Modules 12-13.

Using the biped rig provided, (or their own version, if they're feeling confident) students will create three animations. Idle, Run, and Attack. Students will use the rifle obj provide previously and link it to the biped for all 3 animations.

1) A basic combat idle (Idle) The soldier is holding the rifle, ready to battle. Idle should loop cleanly with no pops or hitches. Animation should be broad, appropriate for use in a game. (2 secs long, 60 frames)

the rifle could be held one handed...
2) A combat run: (Run) The soldier is running holding the rifle in both hands. Cycle should be symmetrical and loop cleanly. Feet should move at a steady ground speed.  (1 sec long, 30 frames)

...or two handed

striking with the butt of the rifle

3) Melee Attack: (Attack) A strike animation using the butt of the rifle to attack a human height target. The attack should start and end in the same pose as frame 1 of the combat idle (1.5 sec long, 45 frames)

Hand-in will be individual movie files for each animation at 960x540 resolution. Name should follow the convention:

LastName_FirstName_(animation type).avi

      eg: Latour_David_Idle.avi

Don't forget to properly compress your animation preview with mp4 codec.

What I'll be grading on Part 2 (the animation):
  1. Are all the assignment parameters met including name and format?
  2. Is the rifle properly linked to both of the biped rig hands?
  3. Does the character have a convincing sense of mass and weight?
  4. Does the strike have a powerful sense of force and impact?
  5. Is the run cycle symmetrical in the legs, through the use of mirroring tools?
Hand in will be on Friday Jan 12th, 11:59 pm