MMED 3020 - week 04

Hand in on walk cycle is due (for section 01 and 02) this Friday at 12 noon. It will be worth 15% of your grade

File should be called

  • use preview animation to make an AVI movie file of your work
  • make sure you have MPEG-4 codec
  • have 5 loops of your animation
  • staging: camera should be at shoulder height and character should be large in frame
  • resolution = 960x540
can you believe I actually went to school to be a 2d animator?!
This is a terrible drawing and yet, it still communicates clearly.

  • Oct 25th/26th - working remotely!
  • Review walk cycle creation, Biped
  • Introduce syncsketch
  • Animation Preview
  • 5 loops of cycle in 3dsMax
  • Cycle Integrity
  • Quaternions
  • Finish walk cycle - start run cycle? (nope)



Autodesk documentation
Useful YouTube tutorial?

I do not love 3dsMax yet
These axis align with 3dsMax - software which I love very much.