Mocap (3024) - week 06


The good news: you have until next week to hand in the LS assignment.

The bad news: we *ARE* doing a midterm today in class. 
(Friday March 2nd)

Don't worry, it will be fun and easy.

A few tips:

Work out the timing of the track. What phoneme do you hear and on what frame? Write it out and the work in 3dsMax will go quickly

Start with 'MEOW' Create those primary visemes to begin with and the rest is easy. Add to that a narrow SS viseme and a clear F/V will cover most of what you need.

Treat the rest of your face like pantomime animation. Place your eye/brow keys and breakdowns at the major moments of emphasis, or at changes in pitch/tempo.

Lip Sync Mid-Term (MT)

This assignment will account for 15% of your final grade. 
This is be an in-class assignment due at the end of class 06.

(Students with special accommodations will have until 11:59 pm on the day of class to hand in their work.)

With the audio clip provided, use the Simon 2.0 rig to animate mouth visemes to match the phonemes. Performance must also include the rest of the face: eyes, brows and cheeks. No body or head animation is required, but pantomime animation can be included for extra credit. (up to +5%).

Camera should be framed as a medium close shot, showing the head and shoulders of the character. (see example image below)

Students must hand in their work at the end of the class.

An example of a medium close up

Fun Fact: Ramsey served community service for being mean to Theon Greyjoy. What a misfit!

Hand in to the FOL dropoff folder ‘MidTerm – section #’ with the following parameters:

Name will be <Last>_<First>_MT.avi
  eg. Latour_David_MT.avi

960 x 540 resolution
MPEG-4 compressed .avi
Show only geometry (no animation controls visible please)

What I'll be grading on this assignment:
1.     Do the viseme shapes match the phonemes in the audio clip?
2.     Does the lip sync animation transition smoothly between the poses with few pops or hitches?
3.     Are the viseme poses broad and clearly defined?
4.     Is the file in the correct folder, named properly with mpeg4 compression?
5.     BONUS: Does the pantomime performance match the dialogue?

Good luck!