Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Fall 2021


by artist Corentin Penloup, trimmed for ratio, a tragically apt summary of current events. You can see the whole image here.

    Welcome back to the Fall of 2021. My work continues to be conducted online for at least one more semester due to the ongoing COVID pandemic that started in 2019. While the plan/hope is that winter '22 will see a return to in-person teaching, budgetary shortfalls and classroom space limitations mean that up to 35% of our course offerings will continue to be delivered online for a long time to come. 

    While I do miss the face to face experience of working with students, the job of online teaching has gotten a bit easier with improved tools (Zoom, Discord), more practice (18 months), and students who are very savvy about learning this way.  I'm thankful for their patience as we continue navigating these challenges.

    As always, here's the summary of assignment links for my classes this term:

ANC Animation Intro (6012)

6012 - Bouncing Balls (BB)
6012 - Pendulum (PM)
6012 - Ball with Tail (BT)
6012 - Leg Ball Jump (LBJ)

ANI 3d Animation 1 (1069)

1069 - Rigid Pendulum (RP)
1069 - Bouncing Balls (BB)
1069 - Seaweed (SW)
1069 - Ball with Tail (BT)
1069 - Leg Ball Jump (LBJ)

ANI 3d Animation 3 (5020)

5020 - Polishing Scene (PS)
5020 - Melee Attack (MA)
5020 - Weight Lift (WL)
5020 - 30s Reel (30S)
5020 - Short Lip Sync (LS1)
5020 - MoCap Cleanup (MC) and Dailies