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ANI Slides -

This is a Demo for The ANC Program at Fanshawe

Animation and Character Design (ANC) is a post graduate certification, which means our student already have a bachelor's degree in a related field or equivalent professional experience. If you're in high school, you should check out one of our undergraduate programs like Videogame Design (VGD)

The Wacom Cintiq displays and Photoshop.

- Some simple sketching warm-ups.
- Drawing ellipses in perspective.
- Using basic forms to improve structure.

The Basics of animation in Maya including:

- Moving around in the environment.
- Creating objects like planes, cubes and spheres.
- Manipulating objects and setting keys.
- Making a movie of your animation with play-blasting.

A couple of simple animation rigs to play with:

The Mooly Ball

The Mooly Ball (by Mooly Segal).
Dowload from here:

This is a simple beginner rig used in the first animation classes. We use this for learning to animate simple physics and basic puppet acting

The Mooly Leg Ball

Another rig by Mooly Segal, Download here:

This is used for intermediate assignments later in the first term. ANC students learn basic balance and weight shift along with simple pantomime acting using this character rig.

Ready for something more challenging?

You can grab this asset to see what a fully articulated humanoid rig looks like. Ray is a product of CGTarian ( an online animation school. For any use, please credit CGTarian.

The Ray Rig (version 2018-10-02, last downloaded 2020-01-27)

We use rigs like this in the final semester to practice lip sync and facial performance. There are a lot of controls here to discover. Start with the simpler assets first before you attempt to work with Ray.

Thanks for coming out today - this page is available anytime for review. I hope to see you in class someday soon

   - Dave