Animation (6017) - week 08

This assignment will account for 20% of your final grade. This will be an in-class demonstration of rigging proficiency during class 08.
*WARNING: students that upload late and miss the Dropbox will get 0%

Biped Rigging, Skinning Test (ST)  Module 08

This will be completed in class during module 08. Students will demonstrate proficiency with biped rigging workflow in class, using the provided mesh (WW1 soldier by Jeremy Dilks) fitted to match the soldier mesh, students will then skin and modify the weighting of the skin for proper deformation. A basic range of motion animation is included on the character to demonstrate the deformation of the rig.

*WARNING* be sure to add the skin modifier in figure mode, or the bones will be misaligned!

Hand in will be as follows:
  • Animation preview of entire animation (x0-210)
  • Mpeg4 compressed avi
  • 960x540 resolution
  • High 3/4 view (use SHOT_CAM camera in scene)
  • Named <Last>_<First>_ST.avi  (eg. Latour_David_ST_.avi)
Drop your work in the folder on FOL called 'ST'

What I'll be grading on this:
  1. Is the animation preview created from the SHOT_CAM view?
  2. Is the hand in file named correctly, in the ST folder, with proper resolution and compression?
  3. Is the skin correctly attached and weighted to the biped mesh?
  4. Does the character deform without significant loss or increase of volume?
  5. Do hinge joints (elbows,knees, fingers) have a sharp bend on the outside and tight fold inside?
  6. Do ball joints (shoulder, hip) affect the correct amount of area without loss/gain of volume?
  7. Do the fingers of the biped line up with the mesh (skin added in figure mode)?
Hand in will be an in-class demonstration in week 08

Using the weight tool dialogue will be necessary to get a good final result.

Some useful tutorials for this exercise

Voxel and heatmap 2017

The Weight Tool Dialog

Autodesk tutorial

Autodesk – doc for tool Jeremy described

Autodesk Learning Channel - Animation Techniques - Voxel Solver with the Skin Modifier

Autodesk channel (old) skin mirror tools

Mirroring skin weights

from Jonathon (thanks kindly: you rock!)