Animation (6017) - week 13

This assignment will account for 35% of your final grade. 

Final Integrated Assignment: Animation (FIA)  Module 13. You've been working on the Final Integrated Assignment for a while now, showing your animation progress in class (right?). This is my opportunity to assess your animation in the integrated project. I to see anything you may have animated for the FIA. Although it doesn't need to be functioning in Unity, if you have a working unity .exe hand that off and I will assess your animation that way. More likely, you can create animation previews of your work from 3dsMax: that will suffice for this assignment.

Hand in will be as follows:
  • Animation preview from 3dsMax of any animation (x0-210)
  • Mpeg4 compressed avi
  • 960x540 resolution
  • Pick a view that shows the work clearly
  • Named <Last>_<First>_<AnimationName>.avi  (eg. Latour_David_CrowFlying.avi)
Drop your work in the folder on FOL called 'FIA'

What I'll be grading on this:
  1. Do you have any animation?
  2. Is the hand in file named correctly, in the FIA folder, with proper resolution and compression?
  3. Does the animation show some of the animation principles covered in our classes?