Animation (6017) - week 02


  1. Feedback on BLT assignment. Have your avi files ready (syncsketch!)
  2. Demo: review marking keys and breakdowns on reference in photoshop
  3. Demo: mechanics of step and turn
  4. Demo: Footsteps in Biped (Planted, Sliding and Free keys)
  5. Review: skin modifier and edit envelopes in 3dsmax
reminder: BLT assignment will be due for hand-in at the end of next week Friday Feb 9th at 11:59pm

for next class, some skinning tutorial material

Voxel and heatmap 2017

The Weight Tool Dialog

Autodesk tutorial

Autodesk – how to use the skin modifier

Autodesk Learning Channel - Animation Techniques - Voxel Solver with the Skin Modifier

Autodesk channel (old) skin mirror tools

Mirroring skin weights

from Jonathon (thanks kindly: you rock!)