Mocap (3024) - week 07


This assignment will account for 10% of your final grade. 
This is be due for next class (week 08)

MoCap Planning (MP) Module 7.
Students will team up with one classmate to plan a two (2) person scene to be shot later on the MoCap stage. The scene will be 30-45 seconds long with between 6-11 seconds of dialogue for each character. There shouldn't be more than 11 sec of dialogue per character as you'll be expected to animate this later! The pantomime performance will be captured on the MoCap stage and integrated with your key-frame facial performance.

You can either use storyboards to describe your scene, or shoot and edit together a video with your teammate to describe the scene. (video example below). If you use storyboards, have at least one panel for each cut. Screen time should be approximately equal for both characters. Include also a paragraph describing the dialogue and shots. In the case of storyboards, be sure to also describe the actions of the characters.

This planning will be your guide for when you shoot on the MoCap stage, so consider the limitations of the space. Have fun with this: you can re-enact a scene from a favorite movie or TV series or come up with your own original scene. You can also perform to an existing audio clip. Try to make the most of the medium: stationary or sitting characters are not very interesting.

What I'll be grading on this assignment:
  1. Have you met the required parameters of the assignment?
  2. Do you have video or storyboard panels for each shot?
  3. Does your planning clearly explain what you need to capture on the MoCap stage?
  4. Have you defined the camera cuts and staging for each shot?
  5. Does your paragraph have the dialogue along with major acting notes?
Hand in will be as follows:

For Video:
<Member1 LastName>_<Member2 LastName>_MP.avi
with usual parameters:
  • Mpeg4 compression
  • 960 x 540 resolution (or thereabouts)
    eg. Wilkins_Latour_MP.avi

For Boards: 
same naming convention as, .jpg of at least 1080 x 720 resolution. 
   eg. Wilkins_Latour_MP_01.jpg, Wilkins_Latour_MP_02.jpg etc.

For Script: 
same naming convention, as a .doc or docx
   eg. Wilkins_Latour_MP_01.doc

In this video, Eric and I show a simple, shortened example of planning for the MoCap assignment. Our example is only 9 seconds long: yours should be about 30-45 sec

This is an example of the text that must accompany the video:

Shot 01: Medium Wide
(Dave) "Erik, let's describe for the students the assignment we want them to do." (gestures with both hands)

Shot 02: Medium Wide
(Erik) (enthusiastically) "You're right, this is a really exciting assignment."

Shot 03: Close up
(Dave) (leaning in) "How long is it?"

Shot 04: Medium wide
(Erik) (considers the question, then nods) "It'll be about 30 seconds to 45 seconds."

With time remaining: