Mocap (3024) - week 10

Today: Final Integrated Assignment

This assignment will account for 25% of your final grade. 
Hand in will be due on April 27th at 11:59pm

Final Integrated Assingment (FIA)
You must hand in .avi  files for the following animations for either an enemy/AI or playable character.
  1. Idle (cut/ignore)
  2. Walk
  3. Run
  4. Jump

In addition you will show an in-class demo in the final class showing the function of the character controller in game, in real time.

*update* Alternatively if you're not ready to show your work in class on the 27th, you can hand in an .exe to run the game and I will review it outside of class

The Animations can be key-framed or motion captured but expectation is that they will be cleaned and modified to integrate with the Unity controller and loop cleanly without pops or hitches.

What I'll be grading on this assignment:

  1. If you captured the performance on the MoCap stage, have you cleaned the data to remove pops and hitches? (no hiccups or spasms)
  2. Are the feet locking to the surface (no intersections or floating) and matching ground speed (no slipping or ice skating)
  3. Does the animation play smoothly (good cycle integrity with no hitches)
  4. Are there clear silhouettes and strong lines of action in your posing?
  5. Does the character have a consistent sense of weight/mass? (Balance, Overlap and Follow through)
  6. Is the detail and complexity within the animation? (Secondary action)
  7. Have you correctly met all the parameters for naming and file type?

Hand in will be as follows: 

For Video:
with usual parameters:
  • Mpeg4 compression
  • 960 x 540 resolution (or thereabouts)
    eg. Latour_David_Run.avi

For Unity .exe hand in:
So that I'm able to launch the game and demo the character controller. Have the last name of each group member in the filename. Only one teammate needs to hand this in. The individual avi files will show me which animator is responsible for which character.


eg. Smith_Doe_Latour.exe