Mocap (3024) - week 03/4

TODAY (week 03)

-Feedback on LS (Part 1) we'll review work in progress for the LS and give feedback on Syncsketch

- Making an animation preview (in case anyone has forgotten)
- Be sure to have the sound in the avi.
- Put your progress in the folder Facial Animation - Section 2 on FOL (please use the correct folder)
- Reading track for pitch and emphasis
- Using an exposure sheet for dialogue and planning

Finished mouth animation will be due next week on Friday at 11:59p
Here's the assignment description again, in case you missed it.
Lip Sync Animation (LS)
This is a multi-part assignment.
Part 1 is just the lip sync, due in week 4.
Part 2 will be the pantomime acting along with facial performance, due in week 6.

Part 1:
Students select an audio clip between 6-10 sec long (300 frames max) and use the Simon 2.0 rig to animate the mouth to match the phonemes. No body or other facial animation is required in the first part of the animation. Students must show their work for feedback in week 03, hand-in will be due in week 04

Part 2:
In the second part of the assignment, students will shoot video reference and then create the pantomime (body) and facial performance to match the lip sync. Staging will be a mid shot (framing the character from the waist up) Students must show their work for feedback in week 05. Final hand-in will be in week 06

What I'll be grading on this assignment:
  1. Do the viseme shapes match the phonemes in the audio clip
  2. Does the lip sync animation transition smoothly between the poses with few pops or hitches?
  3. Are the viseme poses broad and clearly defined?
  4. Is the audio clip appropriate for a demo reel, with wide variety in phonemes, pitch and tempo?
  5. Has the student shown work in progress for feedback at week 03 and week 05?
  6. Does the pantomime performance match the dialogue


TODAY (week 04)

- Timed posing warm-up (high energy positive/low energy negative)
- Final feedback on Face animation for LS (put avi in folder Facial Animation - Section 2 )
- Q&A: FIA animation tasks?

Part 1 is due this Friday at 11:59pm!