The Pitch (TP) Part 1


Group pitches Part 1 - brainstorming.

This assignment will account for 15% of your final grade. 
This is be an in-class assignment during class 2

Pitch: Part 1 (P1) Module 2. In one (1) minute students will present 2 possible ideas for development as a group. Showing the inspirational image and describing, in broad strokes, the nature of the digital storybook.

What I'll be grading on this assignment:
  1. Do you (the student) speak clearly
  2. Do you use the time allowed (1 min) effectively ?
  3. Does the inspirational image match the concept?
here's the material for this assignment from last week:
The First Assignment: Due Jan 30th, in class.
  1. Pick your group of collaborators (one or two other students) 
  2. As a group, come up with a list of two (2) ideas for each group member.  For example a group with three (3) members should come up with six (6) ideas.
  3.  Each student is responsible to give a one (1) minute pitch of two storybook ideas. (30 sec per idea)
  4.  Pitch should include a single inspirational image for each idea (gathered or created)
  5. After everyone in group has pitched 2 ideas, class will vote on which idea in the group has the best potential.
Pitch is due for next class. Hand in will be your two (2) paragraph pitch notes with one paragraph for each idea and the two (2) images you've selected for inspiration. Remember you only have 30 secs for each idea, so practice your pitch! Inspirational images should be fairly high quality, at least 800x600.

'steampunk red riding hood' gets a LOT of results on Google


The idea is a steampunk inspired take on Little Red Riding Hood except the wolf is an aging truant officer trying to save grandma from 'Hood' who has skipped school to steal Grandma's car and go on a crime spree. The first 2 page spread shows the havoc that Red Riding Hood leaves in her wake, the second 2 page spread is the wolf and grandma laying a trap for the juvenile delinquent. The end shows Red, defeated and in detention with Grandma and Wolf standing together showing signs of a growing friendship between them.

Hand-in is

  • Latour_David.txt with 2 paragraph pitch notes 
  • (2) images Latour_David_01.jpg and 02.jpg

Nice Red Riding Hood artwork by Shane McCracken. Check him out at:

For Next Class:

This assignment will account for 10% of your final grade. 
This is be an in-class assignment during class 3

Pitch: Part 2 (P2) Module 3. In one (1) minute, each student will present concept art and description for their two (2) page spread. This will be done sequentially with the other members of their team. There should be four (4) images with at least one (1) of them showing an approximation of the layout of all the elements in the two (2) page spread. The remaining images will be used to show detailed elements: characters, environment models, or animations. Sketches can be black & white or colour.

What I'll be grading on this assignment:
  1. Do you (the student) speak clearly when presenting?
  2. Do you use the time allowed (1 min) effectively ?
  3. Do the four images explain the concept of the 2 page spread effectively?
  4. Does the text (2 paragraphs) clearly explain the elements shown?

Decide with your team which one of the ideas you've pitched and develop it more completely. Each student will create four (4) images to help describe their plan for the two (2) page spread along with two (2) paragraphs explaining the content and interactive elements.

Of the four images one sketch must show a rough idea of what your 2 page spread should look like when completely unfolded. The other  three images can be used to focus on more detailed elements: characters, environments or animations.

Presentation will follow the same format as today's class: everyone in the group will come up and pitch but this time it will be in the order that the pages appear in the book.

You don't need to show everything yet. Just try to focus on the most important elements in the 2 page spread: additional detail can come later.