Project Dev (6018) - week 05/06

An underappreciated master of the performing arts: no one screams or whispers like Mr. Cage (Coppola)

I admit, the semester is going very quickly. Further complicating matters is that school was closed for week 5. Don't Panic: With proper planning you will be able to make it!


1)   Review of the asset planners (you did your asset planners, right?)
5)   Populating the timeline (due next week)

You may be tempted to try and squeeze your timeline to get everything to fit. Learn from this cat's folly

This assignment will account for 20% of your final grade. Hand-in will be due at the end of week 6

Timeline and Asset Planners. (TAP) week 6.  Using the data you've generated with your asset planners, create a basic timeline using the template provided. Remember to base your values on the data from your asset planners. Follow the in class example. There are a few tips to help you do this:
  • Organize your assets so that you work on essential elements first and minor things at the end.
  • You can only actually do one thing at a time: don't overlap tasks.
  • This timeline will change based on reality and adjustments to your project (cuts, revisions). 
  • The process is to help you create an estimate of what is possible, not what you wish were possible
Hand-in will be as follows:
Timeline will be called: <Last>_<First>_Timeline.xls
(eg. Latour_David_Timeline.xls)

Your asset planner will be called: <Last>_<First>_Assets.xls
(eg. Latour_David_Assets.xls)

Drop all of these into the hand-in folder 'HW3 - Planning' on FOL (NO ZIP FILES, PLEASE)

What I'll be grading on this assignment:
  1. Have you completed asset planners for all of the elements you intend to create?
  2. Are your assets all organised in named tabs within a single .xls?
  3. Does the data in the planner match Timeline?
  4. Are your time estimates reasonable?
  5. Do you account for every production step in the process?
Hand in is due on Friday Feb 27th at 11:59p