VGD-1025: week 08

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Sorry to move this content - trying to stay organized is fun!

Sorry 'bout that: posted our first class info as a 'post' instead of a 'page'. I'll point this out in class so there is no confusion.

Welcome to the second half of the summer term! (Week 08) The very talented Mr. Jeremy Dilks has shifted on to his second set of classes for the summer term. That leaves you all in my care. So...who the heck am I?

To find out:

You can check out my work history on IMDB (*)
You can look at some of my work on my website
You can sneak a peek at some of my tutorial videos on

Everything you see on the main posts will be repeated on FOL announcements. I use blogger with all my teaching so that, if the official system is down or inaccessible, you can still easily find the information you need.

Here's the plan for TODAY (week 08) and I'll map out the rest of the term in the next class. (Watch the announcements page.)

1) We'll start off looking at the rig for this next assignment (Robot in hand off folder). We'll also pick up the reference images and video there as well.

2) We will talk about Keys, Breakdowns and In-betweens. (A story about animation terminology: 'Give it a beat'.)

3) We will look at different sort of Breakdowns, including those used to create Anticipation, Ease In/Out, Overlap, Overshoot/Extremes, or to create Arcs. What sort of names for breakdowns have you heard?

A nice article HERE by Chelsea Gordon-Ratzlaff
An interesting workflow HERE by Gabriel Garcia Poignet

4) We will animate a simple straight up and down jump, applying the keys and breakdowns discussed. Good time to create a selection set for the animation controls. Get Potplayer for frame by frame scrubbing of reference (on home machines)

5) Once we have our poses, we can use a simple sphere to work out timing and then shift the poses to match the timing of the sphere. (A story from Van Helsing: 'Everything is a bouncing ball'.)

Have the jump animation ready for feedback in next class. Here's the assignment description

This assignment will account for 15% of your final grade. 
This is be due at the end of class 10

Robot Jump (RJ) Module 8-9. Using the robot rig provided in class 8, animate a simple, in place, jump. No forward movement please. Be sure to provide sufficient breakdowns to create detailed action with a solid sense of mass to the character. Using a primitive object to work out timing is highly recommended. Featured animation principles: Solid Drawing (Posing), Ease In/Out, Anticipation, Overlap/Follow Through and Staging.

Hand in will be an animation preview movie with the following output parameters:

1. File will be an .avi or mp4 using Mpeg4 compression. (uncompressed =  >100 Mb)
2. Resolution will be HD540 (960x540 resolution)
3. File will be named <Lastname>_<Firstname>_RJ.avi
  eg. Latour_David_RJ.avi

What I'll be grading on this assignment:
  1. Are principles of Posing evident and well applied? (Line of Action, Silhouette, and Balance.)
  2. Does the character have a believable and consistent sense of mass? (Ease In/Out.)
  3. Are there enough breakdowns to create complexity in the animation? (Overlap/Follow Through.)
  4. Is the assignment named properly, in the right format, in the correct folder? (Precision matters!)
  5. Is the camera placed to best show your work? (Staging: Keep the character large and mostly in frame.)
Good luck!

 - Dave

(*Though I wish I was a musical performer on Scary Movie 5; that's some other dude. IMDB just refuses to remove that credit.)