VGD-1025: week 09


We've got a lot to do today so we'll get right to it.

1) A quick presentation on Valence and Arousal (this will make more sense later)

2) Posing workflow
  • Gather/Create reference (web search, doodling, act it out and shoot video, grab a mirror)
  • Examine/Analyse reference (draw-over for silhouette, line of action, balance)
  • Pose character from core to extremity (what moves a lot? what moves a little?)
  • Repeat (2nd pass, 3rd pass etc. etc.)

3) Timed posing exercise: Pick a high arousal, positive valence emotion. 5 min for reference, 10 min to pose the character. Group review of poses


4) Discussion: What are the criteria for good posing (define Silhouette, Balance and Line of Action)
Check out the articles on posing herehere and here from Animator Island.

5) 3dsMax: Animation preview / trouble shooting.
output should be 960x540 resolution, Mpeg-4 compressed .avi (<100MB)

6) Hand in Robot Jump work in progress for upload to SyncSketch

our review is HERE on Syncsketch


7) Feedback on Robot Jump work in progress.

8) Profit!

Were there also dudes grabbing socks? Also, is there any way to know when a single sock goes missing if it was a right foot or left foot? These are the questions that haunt me.