VGD-1025: week 10

Today we finish off the Robot Jump assignment, due at end of class (*)
  1. Check in: questions about the SyncSketch notes?
  2. In the 'In Class Hand-off' folder: requested files for revision.
  3. Polishing workflow (more on that later) highlight: make a list
  4. Review of common issues including:

Spacing, especially Ease In/Out

There are a few floaty jumps and landings out there. This is resolved usually in a couple of ways. First, placing the squash and stretch poses closer together on the timeline will help. This works for both the takeoff and landing. Second, use a primitive for visualization. Everything is a bouncing ball, right? This will come in handy with Biped later.

Staging, Silhouette, Squash...

A quick primer on camera placement and the 3/4 view (funny enough, I intend this as used in portraiture or figure drawing, not camera lingo)
A few jumps need nothing more than a bit more contrast in posing, bigger squash...

...and Stretch

In many cases, a breakdown pose is absent which causes the character to float off the ground, rather than appearing as though they have jumped. The stretch pose is critical for the jump to work, especially on the takeoff.

Balance and Line of Action

I'll find and correct a few poses to show how to identify and repair balance issues and improve line of action.

The rest of our time will be work in class to finish this assignment off.

(*) ask me what the asterix is for

For Next Class: 

Animate a simple punch using the Robot Character. No more than 30 frames (1 sec.) long. We'll be working on this in the next class but I want to see what you can accomplish without guidance.