VGD 1025 - week 12 (Final)

This assignment will account for 35% of your final grade. (10% checkpoint, 25% final hand-in)
Checkpoint will be at Module 13 and Final hand in will be in week 15 
(Tuesday Aug 21st @11:59 pm)

Final (F) Module 12-15. <Refer to the provided word document in the week 12 folder on FOL>
Featured animation principles: Solid Drawing (Posing), Ease In/Out, Anticipation, Overlap/Follow Through and Staging.

Hand in will be a zip file containing animation preview movies with the following output parameters:

1. File will be an .avi or mp4 using Mpeg4 compression. (uncompressed =  >100 Mb)
2. Avi resolution will be HD540 (960x540 resolution)
3. Zip file will be called <Lastname>_<Firstname>_Final.avi
4. Files within will be named <Lastname>_<Firstname>_<Animation>.avi

eg.   a zip archive called containing the following files:

What I'll be grading on this assignment:
  1. Are principles of Posing evident and well applied? (Line of Action, Silhouette, and Balance.)
  2. Does the character have a believable and consistent sense of mass? (Balance, Ease In/Out.)
  3. Are there enough breakdowns to create complexity in the animation? (Overlap/Follow Through.)
  4. Is the assignment named properly, in the right format, in the correct folder? (Precision matters!)
  5. Is the camera placed to best show your work? (Staging: Keep the character large and mostly in frame.)
Good luck!



Use your words Mr. Robot, not your fists!

  • Attendance / Check in
  • Recap of Robot Jump (note especially ease out/in)
  • Reminder of Checkpoint next week (10%)
  • Spot check of Robot Punch (RP) progress (find examples to revise)
  • Making a Polishing Checklist. Highlight weight shift, Acceleration, Antic. and Overlap) <SyncSketch>
  • Work in class on the Robot Punch (RP) due today at 9 pm
  • Last check on hand in parameters, especially staging and resolution
  • Balance and Weight Shift