6017 - Week 01


from Preston Blair's book 'Cartoon Animation'

- Q&A with the Adam rig
- Remember Valance and Arousal?
- Sub-principals of posing: Sihouette, Line of Action, Balance, Contrast, Asymmetry and Flow Lines
- Working on 4P in class.

additonal resources:
Victor Navone: http://blog.navone.org/2008/07/posing.html
James Chiang: https://www.animatedspirit.com/the-power-of-posing/
JP Rhinemiller: https://www.animatorsresource.com/2009/07/posing-in-animation/

This assignment is worth 10% of your final grade and is due at the end of class 3.

4 Poses (4P)  Using the provided rig, students will create 4 poses. The poses will show four emotions, in this order: Terrified/Delighted/Relaxed/Depressed. The purpose of this assignment is to test your competency posing a fully articulated rig with robust facial controls. Poses should take about 30 minutes each to complete. Be sure to start by gathering and analyzing reference (remember to think about Valence and Arousal). Be sure to create a shot camera and follow rules of good composition. Students need to pose the entire character including face, hands and eyeline. When you are finished, output a 96 frame movie file with each pose held for 24 frames. (Use stepped keys for this) Featured principles: Staging, Exaggeration, Posing (Solid Drawings), Appeal.

Hand in will be as follows:
 - 960x540 (HD540) resolution
- avi file with MSCRAM compression (or quicktime with H.264)
- no resolution gate, grid or animation controls visible
Items should be named: <Lastname>_<Firstname>_<4P>.avi
(eg. Latour_David_4P.avi)

What I'll be grading on this assignment:
 - Is your file named correctly, in the requested format and length?
 - Have you posed everything, including the face, hands and eyes?
 - Do the 4 poses accurately convey the required emotions?
- Are the silouettes of your poses clearly readable?
- Do the poses have strong and dynamic lines of action?
- Is there a solid sense of weight and balance to your poses?
- Have you effectively staged each pose to best convey the intended mood?