6017 - Week 02/03


Looking for reference of genuine fear? You'll know it when you see it.

- Introducing Constraints (Vimeo.com/dlatour)
- The next assignment: The Melee Attack (any D&D fans present?)
- Refining the 4 poses in class.


This assignment is worth 20% of your final grade and is due at the end of class 5.

Melee Attack (MA) Using any humanoid rig (choose wisely) and a simple prop, students will animate a powerful melee attack against an unseen victim. The primary goal is to create a fluid pantomime performance with a strong sense of force. This task will also introduce students to basic constraints in Maya. Movement style should be broad and exaggerated, appropriate for a 3rd person view action/adventure type game. Like many games animations, the starting (x1) and ending pose (x72) of the animation must be exactly the same. Forward movement is permitted (and encouraged). Staging will be a locked off 3/4 camera view that shows the entire action (no camera animation please). There should be a clear anticipation, strike and follow through. The attack will be exactly 3 seconds long (72 frames) Featured principles: Anticipation, Overlap/Follow Through, Arcs, Timing, and Exaggeration

Hand in will be as follows:
 - 960x540 (HD540) resolution
- avi file with MSCRAM compression (or quicktime with H.264)
- no resolution gate, grid or animation controls visible

Items should be named: <Lastname>_<Firstname>_<MA>.avi
(eg. Latour_David_MA.avi)

What I'll be grading on this assignment:

- Have you met all of the required assignment parameters? (length, naming, hand-in)
- Does the character have a realistic sense of weight and balance?
- Is there a strong anticipation to the attack?
- Does the strike feel powerful?
- Does your character overlap after the strike?
- At the end of the animation does the character return to their starting pose?