6018 - Week 01


Illidan says your professional online presence needs refinement
Wacom Stylus collection

Story time: A potential new instructor reaches out to David...

Assess your professional online profile?
Lets go to Menti.com - (96 31 94)

Pair then share: a quick spot check of each others online presence and report back common suggestions.

Assignment 1LinkedIn and Portfolio (Artstation, Blog or Website) (LP)

Assignment 2: Website Presentation (WP) for next class.

Let's critique David's online profile (aka - how does this guy get work?)
LinkedIn,  Website,  Blog,  Vimeo

Additional reading:
How to Create Professional Online Profiles by Alison Doyle
Having a Professional Presence Online is Crucial by Virginia Backaitis


LinkedIn/Portfolio (LP). This is worth 10% of your final grade and is due at the end of class 3.

Students create a LinkedIn profile and an Artstation profile (or other portfolio website) and provide a .doc with a hyperlink to both. We will review these profiles in class 2 as a group for feedback before handing them in in class 3

File should be named <Lastname>_<Firstname>_LP.txt  (eg. Latour_David_LP.doc)

What I'll be grading on this assignment:

- Did you get feedback on your work in progress in week 02?
- Does your LinkedIn profile have a professional looking picture that accurately represents you?
- Have you created an 'Artist statement' on your LinkedIn profile?
- Is you LinkedIn profile fully filled out with Work and Education history?
- Does your LinkedIn profile use appropriate language and is free from typos, and profanity?
- Do you link your two pages together with LinkedIn connecting to your Artstation and vice versa?
- Does your Artstation page (or website) have some samples of your work?


Share/Pair criteria for good Professional profile (LinkedIn) Note relevancy, current info, artist description. Should showcase best work experience.

- what's your area of interest?
- personal but not too personal (what are you like?)
- educational criteria (diploma vs degree)
- professional network
- no personal pictures (think of job interview)
- where you live?
- keep it professional
- volunteer work
- related skills
- reccomendations (relevant to postion)
- well written, spelling, language, logic
- smiling picture
- Linking: to portfolio, other social media (professional),
- work history (clear concise, responsibilities vs skills used)

Share/Pair criteria for good Artstation profile/website/blog. Focus on principles that are univeral.

(List of criteria will be assembled next class during website presentations.)


This is worth 10% of your final grade and is presented in class 2.

Website Presentation (WP) 
Working in pairs, students make a 5 minute presentation (2.5 minutes each ) showing a website or online portfolio for an artist that matches the student's own area of interest/specialization/focus. The presentation should highlight aspects of the portfolio that make it worthy of note. Each student should also provide 2 suggestions for their chosen website that they think would improve the presentation of the work. Each student is responsible for selecting and critiquing one website.

Students should hand in a .doc (or .docx) file at the end of class with hyperlink text to their chosen website. Text file should be named <Lastname>_<Firstname>_WP.doc (eg. Latour_David_WP.doc)

What I'll be grading on this assignment:  

- Has the student selected an appropriate website that matches their own professional intent?
- Does the student speak clearly?
- Does the student use their time (2.5 min) effectively in presenting the website?
- Does the student demostrate two (2) distinct examples of why the website is worthy of note?
- Does the student provide two (2) suggestions that could improve the website/portfolio?