6018 - Week 11

Although it may seem like a lot of work due simultaneously, this Creature Rig (CR) assignment is something you'd be doing anyway for your Final Integrated Assignment (FIA).

This anthropomorphic dog is considered by some authorities to be the most dangerous man alive. No, wait...that might be Morpheus from The Matrix. This dog is probably fine.

This assignment will account for 20% of your final grade. Hand-in will be due as part of the checkpoint of the Animation Final (AF) assignment in Week 13 (Mon April 8 @ 11:59pm)

Creature Rig (CR) Modules 11-13. Using a proxy (low-res) version of your creature model being created in Modeling - Advanced, you will use the Setup Machine 3 to rig a pantomime version of your character rig. (body control only). The low-res rig you create now will be swapped out later for a high resolution version when you make the final render of your project. This proxy version will allow you to move forward with the rough animation of your Final Integrated Assignment (FIA). Only the rig is important here - the entirety of your project will be evaluated later. Notice: although this will be evaluated as part of your Animation Final (AF) progress check in week 13 (due Monday April 8 @ 11:59p) you need to hand in a Maya file of your rig to the Creature Rig (CR) folder.

Hand in will be as follows:
- a Maya 2018 ascii file
- contained in a .zip archive
- please include texture maps (if available)

Items should be named: <Lastname>_<Firstname>_<CR>.zip
(eg. Latour_David_CR.zip)

What I'll be grading on this assignment:
  • Did you submit a work-in-progress version by Monday April 8 @ 11:59p?
  • Have you based your rig on the creature you're sculpting in the Modelling - Advanced class?
  • Does the rig move and deform correctly?

Rig, Skin Demo.

Finish fitting (save WIP file = fit)
Autorig (Save WIP file = autorig)
Add custom joint and control (jaw) (Save WIP file = rig)
Create ROM anim (Save WIP file = skin)
Adjust skin weights (Save WOP file = rig_v0?)

rig_v01 - no skin adjustments, just the starting state.

Helpful shortcuts:

Cntrl+Shift+LMB = Make a shelf button from a menu in maya
Cntrl+Alt+C = With source vertex selected: Copy skin weights
Cntrl+Alt+V = With target vertex selected: Paste skin weights

Flood to remove unwanted bones
Prune small values for same

Buttons I Make:

Skin>Paint Skin Weights
Skin>Hammer Skin Weights
Skin>Mirror Skin Weights.


Maya Docs on Painting Skin Weights - by Autodesk

Basic Skin weight painting tutorial - by Team Kaliber

Some tips for painting skin weights in Maya - by Vasily Shotarov

Hammer skin weights

Skin>Add Influence

Skin > Edit Smooth Skin > Copy Skin Weights >

For the very advanced user: an additional toolset