Project Dev (6018) - week 01


This is how cell phones work, right?

Welcome Back! Q&A 

A short check in to see how everyone is doing after the last term
  • Remaining questions?
  • Ongoing issues?
  • Feedback and suggestions?
  • What have you done so far (Monday)

Write down any larger stuff for follow-up

'The Art Director' illustration by Robert Fawcett

Class Structure 

Planning for Final Integrated Assignment. 
Assignment list will include the following:
  • Group Pitch
  • Storyboard
  • Asset list and Production Timeline
  • Project Checkpoint
  • Final Presentation

Don't worry: I'll be more interested than this guy from the 50's. Seriously: what's his deal?

 I don't mind the Ed Sheeran cameo at all: Arya can do no wrong.   

Group Projects and the Lone Wolf 

(any G.O.T. fans?)
  • Group discussion: How do you pick a group?
  • Group whiteboard: Pitfalls of group work, suggested solutions?
This is part of learning to work in a team: a must have skill set if you intend to work at a company with more than one employee. Think of every interaction with your team like a job interview: because it might be some day.

Production Process: Dailies

  • What could be more fun than hearing your work is crap in a group of respected peers? 
  • Group whiteboard: what can we do to make dailies useful and productive?
The dailies process will come much later in this class as the projects are getting more fleshed out. This will be a time to get feedback on art, animation, or the general aesthetics of the project.

Brainstorming: How to pick a good idea

  • Group discussion: Solving the maze from the end to the beginning
  • Group whiteboard: what boxes should your idea check?

The First Assignment: Due Jan 30th, in class.

  1. Pick your group of collaborators (one or two other students) 
  2. As a group, come up with a list of two (2) ideas for each group member.  For example a group with three (3) members should come up with six (6) ideas.
  3.  Each student is responsible to give a one (1) minute pitch of two storybook ideas. (30 sec per idea)
  4.  Pitch should include a single inspirational image for each idea (gathered or created)
  5. After everyone in group has pitched 2 ideas, class will vote on which idea in the group has the best potential.
Pitch is due for next class. Hand in will be your two (2) paragraph pitch notes with one paragraph for each idea and the two (2) images you've selected for inspiration. Remember you only have 30 secs for each idea, so practice your pitch! Inspirational images should be fairly high quality, at least 800x600.

'steampunk red riding hood' gets a LOT of results on Google


The idea is a steampunk inspired take on Little Red Riding Hood except the wolf is an aging truant officer trying to save grandma from 'Hood' who has skipped school to steal Grandma's car and go on a crime spree. The first 2 page spread shows the havoc that Red Riding Hood leaves in her wake, the second 2 page spread is the wolf and grandma laying a trap for the juvenile delinquent. The end shows Red, defeated and in detention with Grandma and Wolf standing together showing signs of a growing friendship between them.

Hand-in is

  • Latour_David.txt with 2 paragraph pitch notes 
  • (2) images Latour_David_01.jpg and 02.jpg

Nice Red Riding Hood artwork by Shane McCracken. Check him out at: