Mocap (3024) - week 05


1) Warm-up exercise: timed posing for Terrified
Here's some fun reference from Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagra Falls

2) Hand in progress on Pantomome of LS and feedback on <Syncsketch>

2) OK: so no one (save one student) knew they had to have some progress on the pantomime. We'll do an in class working session with a demo on capturing and analysing reference. Demo will include:

  • Treat the dialogue like music
  • Stop thinking like an Animator
  • Some tricks to get you changing up the performance.  'Look Ma: No hands', 'Kneel', and 'Footsteps Only'
  • How to pick and mark Keys and Breakdowns
  • Draw-over for better posing.

3) Additional reference: some great videos about good posing by Keith Lango

Here's another short page talking about elements of good posing. The drawings in this article are not great, but the notion is relevant:

Great example of making the most of movement in an animated acting piece.


Have your all your Pantomime (Keys, and Breakdowns with Timing) for next class.