Mocap (3024) - week 08


Warm-up: Timed posing "Smitten"
Next Assignment: Keyframe with MoCap (KM)
Hand -in on MoCap Planning (MP) at end of the class. (3p)

New Assignment:


This assignment will account for 20% of your final grade. 
This is be due at the end of class in week 12

KeyFrame with MoCap (KM) Module 8-12.
Using the material from the previous MoCap Planning assignment, students will schedule time to shoot their scene on the MoCap stage. The capture will be cleanup up following the tutorial provided and integrated with your key-frame facial performance.

If you want to change your plan from the previous assignment, you will have to re-do your planning before you get on the stage space. 20 min is not a lot of time, so you shouldn't show up and try to "wing it"

The entire scene should be 30-45 seconds long. Slightly longer is allowed but not advised. (think about how much facial and hand animation will be needed. Dialogue must be 6-11 seconds per character. More dialogue is allowed but also not advised: consider the volume of work more than 11 sec of dialogue will entail.

Try to take advantage of the medium: make use of the space and move around. If you have sitting characters, think about shifting their weight in the chair. Keep those stationary characters breathing, reacting and alive.

Students are responsible for booking MoCap stage space as well, so don't leave this to the last minute (see info about YouCanBookMe on FOL).

What I'll be grading on this assignment:
  1. Have you captured the performance on the MoCap stage and cleaned the data to remove pops and hitches? (no hiccups or spasms)
  2. Are the feet locking to the surface (watch those ground intersections)
  3. Does the lip sync match the dialogue with broad viseme shapes? (no mushy mouths)
  4. Does the pantomime performance support the acting in the scene with broad range of movement and changes in tempo? (no frozen characters)
  5. Do your camera cuts follow rules of good staging and film making? (watch the axis line)
  6. Is the facial animation complete with expressions that match the pantomime and dialogue? (avoid dead-eyed characters with Botox)
  7. Are the hands well animated with expressive poses that support the acting choices? (no "paddle hands" please!)
Hand in will be as follows: 

For Video:
<Member1 LastName>_<Member2 LastName>_KM.avi
with usual parameters:
  • Mpeg4 compression
  • 960 x 540 resolution (or thereabouts)
    eg. Wilkins_Latour_KM.avi