VGD 1025 - week 11 (RP)

Irony, aka: 'what do you mean the broadcast is only as good as the source?!'


  • Potplayer and the settings menu (F5) including: frame by frame (D and F), play only opened file, file size on open, and looping.
  • RJ Submissions: Review Animation preview, File naming and resolution (RMB > Properties > Details tab), uncheck high quality on Animation Preview
  • Jump Final on Syncsketch
  • Draw-over of Punch reference in Syncsketch
  • Robot Punch Animation (due next class!) Demo and in class work
  • Introducing: The Final Assignment

This assignment will account for 10% of your final grade. 
This is be due at the end of class 12

Apparently, the robot uprising will include a lot of punching

Robot Punch (RP) Module 11. Using the robot rig provided in class 8, animate a simple single punch and recover animation. There should be some forward movement, with proper shifting of weight and balance. The action should start and end in the same 'combat idle' pose so that it loops smoothly. Pay close attention to the spacing of the strikes, so that the punch accelerates toward the impact. Featured animation principles: Solid Drawing (Posing), Ease In/Out, Anticipation, Overlap/Follow Through and Staging.

Hand in will be an animation preview movie with the following output parameters:

1. File will be an .avi or mp4 using Mpeg4 compression. (uncompressed =  >100 Mb)
2. Resolution will be HD540 (960x540 resolution)
3. File will be named <Lastname>_<Firstname>_RP.avi
  eg. Latour_David_RP.avi

What I'll be grading on this assignment:
  1. Are principles of Posing evident and well applied? (Line of Action, Silhouette, and Balance.)
  2. Does the animation loop cleanly, starting and ending in the combat idle pose (Copy/Paste)
  3. Does the character have a believable and consistent sense of mass? (Balance, Ease In/Out.)
  4. Are there enough breakdowns to create complexity in the animation? (Overlap/Follow Through.)
  5. Do the Strikes increase in intensity and have a strong sense of force (Spacing, Anticipation)
  6. Is the assignment named properly, in the right format, in the correct folder? (Precision matters!)
  7. Is the camera placed to best show your work? (Staging: Keep the character large and mostly in frame.)
Good luck!

As soon as the Robot Punch is finished we'll be focusing all our effort on: