VGD 1025 - Week 13 (Checkpoint)

so why DID the chicken cross the road?

From the assignment hand-out:

CHECKPOINT for this assignment. This checkpoint will take place in your class during week 13. The checkpoint will be worth an additional 10% of the course grade.  In order to receive these grades, you must have the character fully rigged and with at least TWO of the animations completed.

I'll be checking this in class today but I will also want you to hand in your movie files on FOL. There is a hand-in folder called 'HW5 - Checkpoint'. Put .avi files of at least two animations by 11:59p tonight to ensure you get a grade for the checkpoint.


  • Attendance/Check-In
  • Review and troubleshoot of 'Animation Preview' especially getting output resolution correct.
  • Reminder CEDP next class!
  • Online Student Feedback Survey is now open and Dave's mad fever-dream
  • Assessing checkpoint progress of everyone
  • Work in class on Final
even a really crappy drawing can be useful