Tuesday, November 21, 2017

First Day of Classes

The strike is over and we're back to classes after a 5 week absence.

Insert your caption here.

There are no words..but likely many questions.


I don't want to spend too much of our limited time answering questions about the strike and the back to work situation, but I'm not going to ignore this issue either so the compromise is to take this online and answer questions as best as I can outside of class. Here's what we'll do:
Email me if you have questions about the strike and I will add them here along with my best attempt to answer you. If you have comments that don't require a response, you can email them to me as well.

A few of the likely questions:

Q: What now?

A: We pick up where we left off and work to finish in 13 weeks what we were going to do in 15 weeks. Today is week 7.

Q: Is assignment X still due on date Y?

A: Nope. All due dates will change to make it possible for you to complete them. Future assignments will be revised to account for the truncated term schedule.

Q: This change in term schedule has messed up my particular situation (job, internship, travel plans). what do I do?

A: The school is standing by and ready to offer any and all reasonable accommodations to help you get that sorted out. Talk to the admins, or the program coordinator to get help. Be sure to follow up on the hardship fund as well to help deal with any associated costs.

more to follow